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September Massive Haul!!

Hello beautiful :) It's been a while like usual...and it's almost at the end of the month.
Hence, I figured I'm going to do a massive haul of what I bought throughout September.

Most of the things I bought was kind of a splurge kind of things instead of needs. :) But I'm happy, and that's all matter to me.
This month I think I'm a bit overspending on things that I don't really need but I promise myself to save money the next month...Hopefully I have the strength and will to do so...Since petrol price are going up like crazy what could be more better than to save your money :)
Sometimes I think I'm a shopaholic and I'm scared that I can't control myself to not spend too much on items that are just not worth buying.

Since I already did it...I would like to share with you what I bought this month with no shame and slash a review on some item and some of it will be reviewed on the next post :). and PS :some of it was my mom who 'belanja'. th…

Lip Tint

i am a lip tint lover, i lovee it so muchh, because it last longer then any other lipstick, it is also look more natural. so i do a little online shopping at which kakak also do the shopping and i just do the asking and paying, hehe. credit to kakak! Thnx kakak!
Since it is from Korea i have to wait for 2 week!
After waiting for 2 week for my tint to arrived in my doorstep here it is!!!
have u ever feel so mad seeing the model wearing it and it look so pretty because they lips are naturally pink and pretty?
i have kinna blackish lips so i personally mad and jealous when seeing their lips are so pinkish. for u guys that have the same problem as me, i will do the review just for u guyss okey!

 so this is the first one, it is Cherry Hot Pink
The second one is Cherry Red

hope i can help!  ps, no edit, Iphone 5 camera
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