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Have you prepared your Kuih Raya?

Have you? If you don't and you such a lazy person like me. This is definitely the kuih raya for you! 

The things you need or the ingredients;
500gm Florentine / Florenta 250gm Pumpkin Seed* 250gm Sunflower Seed* 250gm Almond Flake*
1st of all, Bake all the * ingredients with 170•c in 5-15minutes. Once done, let it cool down for 5minutes min. Mix all the ingredients together and put in in a cup.
Bake for 10-15 minutes and you done!
Or just watch this;

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Contouring for newbie(me)

Good Day!
Hi peeps! so if you followed me on insta you definitely saw i post this picture, and if you look closely... you can see that my nose look like i just got my nose done right? coz honestly, im like any other pure malay that dont born with pointed nose. but its 2017 now, we got makeup to help us! since my 2017 resolution is to learn makeup like a pro, and i don't have a lot of it yet. so we have to get creative with whatever we have. 
Remember last time i posted a vid using this cute palette from Sephora;
So i am using the same palette, to be specific using the no 1 color to contour this not so pointed nose and this fat cheek. Don't worry about the strong color, that is why blending is very important. (speaking like a pro). Here a short vid of me doing my makeup, you can skip to the contouring part if you like too. Promise i won't take it  hardly. 😂


This is how I use Derma Roller

Good day!
Happy Wednesday!
My last post of Derma Roller & My Routine Before and after Derma Rolling i have list down and briefly explain how i use Derma Roller since today and tomorrow is my off day so i decided to share a short video of how i Derma Rolling.

oh the guy that you guys seeing is my little brother. he do a short advertisement for you guys.
Hope you guys love it. See you tomorrow!  Kisses. YR

The minimalist makeup essential: CC Cream and ombre lippies by Elisha Coy

Scroll sampai habis kalau nak tengok kte pkai apa untuk ombre lips. Hello! Hari ni eksaited nak share another CC Cream. I memang peminat CC Cream. Sebab CC Cream ni mudah,  10 dalam 1 fungsi dia. Especially untuk kulit tak sekata macam I, CC Cream boleh tolong ratakan color kulit I. And selain kesan instant, dengan penggunaan secara berterusan, I rasa CC Cream boleh memutihkan kulit dan mengurangkan kedutan. Most CC Cream also came up with UV protection. Samalah macam CC Cream Elisha Coy.
Bezanya Elisha Coy CC Cream dengan yang lain- lain, ia mengandungi bahan- bahan yang semulajadi dan selamat untuk kulit. So, tak ada lah lepas pakai muka berminyak pastu tumbuh jerawat bagai. I suka pakai CC Cream untuk hasilkan makeup yang minimalist. Konon-konon kulit natural beauty lah tu..Padahal sapu CC Cream seinci. Kalau pakai foundation agak tebal mesti nampak sangat buruk bila dah berpeluh. Melainkanlah korang cantik bak Siti Nurhaliza, takpayah pakai apa- apa pun memang cantik. Nangis pun ca…

{REVIEW} Revolution Series; Makeup from London: 'Eyes like Angels' palette

Hello there pretty awesome!
More I love than food is makeup. So recently, I've received an email from this lovely person Christine, representative from Makeup Revolution London.
"Dear Syafiqah and Liyana,
Hello! My name is Christine White and I am the Social Media Editor for MakeupRevolutionMalaysia. I am a big makeup and beauty addict and I must say that I am a strong follower of your beauty blog. It’s so nice to see sisters with the same passion for beauty. I am really excited to write to you today to share some news which may interest you.
We at Makeup RevolutionMalaysia will be launching our cosmetics line soon, hopefully by mid November 2014; and the great news is we would like to send you a few of our product samples which we think you would really love.
Now I would like to tell you a little bit about us. Makeup Revolution was launched in London in March 2014. We are now the number 1 selling brand in Superdrug stores (similar to Watsons) in the UK. We are a brand born out …

{REVIEW} CLIO Professional Virgin Kiss Lipnicure + Maleficent X CLIO makeup tutorial

Hello pretty awesome! Did I ever tell you I'm a red lippie girl? Being pale makes me look like a vampy. Red lips makes a huge different in appearance. So, I go for red lips all the way.Red lips can stand out in crowd and portraits bold, sexy and brave. Sometimes, red lips can even lift up confidence. But all the way is so hard to achieve since most lipstick doesn't last long. You'll end up having that messy red lips which is opposite of sexy. So then I found Lipnicure. Remember how I encountered with this Lipnicure? and I'm glad I did. Lipnicure is literally a manicure polish for lips.
Lipnicure is somewhere between lipstick and lip stain, a nail polish and all. As always, CLIO Brand packaging is gorgeous, exquisite and sleek. I also love the container which is stylish and light to carry in you bag.
The wand is easy to hold but I find the applicator to be a little bit hard to have smooth lips. You'll get messy lips especially around the edge. I've put this Lip…

{REVIEW} Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

Hello Beauties! It's another tutorial day..yippie! Are you excited? If you are...angkat tgn.
It has been 5days since MH370 went missing...I think I'm undergoing the most excruciating phase in my life with water issue, haze issue, world issue and personal work and life issue..I just hope everything going to get better...Let's pray to God in times of joy and pain...
Thanks to Natta Cosme, I got something to play with in times of crisis...I just love how thoughtful they are...
but wait, you can get this too for a special price^-^ Just wait till the end. Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner it's based on waterproof, oil, concentrated color three demands:
Extreme color, beyond the shortcomings of poor market Eyeliner Pen hair color, evenly colored and achieve color full excellent natural lines to create three-dimensional deep eyes!
■ Gelatinous texture characteristics of the ◎ plastic pen type, stroke smooth, the texture of moderate hardness, ductility, pen design easy to use …