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{GADGET REVIEW + PHOTOS} Economical version perfect selfies cam: Altek Cubic Camera

Hello awesome! It's been awhile...I know....but thank you so much for your time to visit It means a lot to me. I've been into gadgets lately and I'm dying to share this awesome gadget. I kind of taking a chance on this gadget since there's not so much review out there on this gadget. Basically, this gadget is China made gadget (I think), it's like a cheaper alternative for a selfies camera if you're heard of Sony smart lens or the Hero action camera. It's a camera lens which connected to your smart phone and enable you to take photo with your phone. The cool thing about this is that no more timer needed and you could take photos by view on your phone and with just one click from afar.
This cute Altek cubic camera is smaller compared to smart lens but works almost as good. Inside the box they've included everything you need. Do watch my youtube video to see my unboxing of this altek cubic and also a demo on it. Apologies in advanced fo…

Ninetology Plane Livery Campaign; Ninetology fly high with Qualcomm

Hello pretty awesome! I bet by now everyone would know what is Ninetology aight? Either you're lying that you don't or you're just not updated enough to know about it. Now there, let me again, briefly introduce you on Ninetology. Ninetology is an ASEAN mobile device technology company.  We are strongly driven by our attitude towards progress and we strive for phenomenal growth as we move forward.  We take pride in being on par with global technology and renowned international standards, and being meticulous with details, art and beauty. Inspired by the bold and fast-paced lifestyles, Ninetology products are empowered by today’s solutions for practicality and functionality.  
Then what's Qualcomm? A world leader in smart mobile technologies, Qualcomm Mobile & Computing (QMC), a business unit of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., offers complete solutions that enable continuous innovation for today’s smart connected devices. Our vast expertise in wireless technology, combined…


Hello Beauties! I was approached by someone passing over information on cellphone. I guess there's no harm done in passing over such lovely info aight? As we all know, we all are infected with disease called Nomophobia in a way. What's Nomophobia? It's the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Yes, I am one of them. It took me 5 minutes without my phone, and I would become agitated. The first thing I would do is see my phone. What a geek...LOL... So let us see whats the fact about? Picture courtesy:
Since I've mentioned about IPmart, Let me share my wish list item sells in IPmart by far this is my favorite brand of cam... Nikon always creative and innovative by creating Pink professional camera like Nikon 1. Since being a blogger, I need to take a lot lot of great picture. Currently, I'm using just my Note 2 cam.  Sad, but gotta do what you gotta do,
Click the link to know more about it.


Panasonic does 'wonder' Eyelash Curler

Hello beautiful people :)
I know I am probably too late to share this since it's launches so long time ago.
However, I want to share jugak :) because it's too good to be true.
I was like searching for this superb invention for long time,
Conventionally, I found Eyelash curler with either feature. Which is either heated curler which I have reviewed before- or just rotating curler or just manual curler.  But girls...this is combination of both! Works like magic :) I prefer curler over fake lashes because it's more natural looking for everyday outing or working.

I've found out about this product last year, but I couldn't bother to know more about it until recently.i then tried to search online store to buy this curler ASAP, but it was so limited stock. It's either too expensive or not in stock or overseas. and after a week of searching in the mall and online...I've finally own one for RM89.00. Yea…