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My Bag of ♥LOVE! and some other things haul

Hello beautiful reader!
I sooooo excited to share my Bag of Love August Bag that I've literally just received today!

Do subscribe if you also wanted to be surprise every time you're
opening a beauty box which is actually a bag!
Does the website looks too cute to not share?

I personally think a bag is better than a box as you can bring it anywhere with you...
it is something you wanna keep forever.

So...drum roll please!Here's the August Bag!!

First of all, just take a look at the bag design. It is THE bag of LOVE...All the LOVE put into this bag is just LOVE! and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! soo cute and soo adorable that I couldn't resist to change my makeup bag to this bag instantly..:D .  Mimi (the founder of Bag of Love) is just someone full of Love...she is also generous that she decided that she's going to donate RM1 for every bag subscribed. So paying RM39.90 is just something too little for this bag which obviously worth a lot more!
This month theme is somethin…

My Qoo10 online shop review & some Eid Mubarak late entry

Assalammualaikum W.B.T♥
Selamat Hari Raya. How's your Raya?

This year, I've celebrate with simplicity as I was working on the Raya Day. However, just wanna share few Raya things that I've been doing.

Meet my siblings, instead of balik kampung we went for the mall.
In the morning, we were able to visit my late granma grave,
I never met my grandma.She died at young age. But please send Al-Fatihah to her....

Even though my Raya was just plain I was happy.

My Raya looks was inspired by Hijabista Raya Edition

which I've reuse old wardrobe add some laces to it .
The baju kurung is an old baju kurung that my aunt gave me, it fits me well but I just make it shorter and add lace. Lace cost me about RM25 per meter. And I match it with a kind of mermaid umbrella skirt (not sure the exact names are) which is RM30.

The second looks is a purple peplum dress RM15. Just a lycra kind of fabric, (if I'm not mistaken,) and match it with the same kind of skirt as the first look,with adorable …