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Tea Party Time with Serverfreak X ButterflyProjectM'sia!

Hello beauties...I'm so happy to share this with you because I love tea party! Care to join me? Virtually?to the tea party of the year? The day was perfect with sun shining, blue skies and great butterflies! It was held in the most peaceful spacious space in KL called Show.Case in Kelana Jaya. Facing the lake that makes your heart melts and wanting to date someone there.
After registering with the Serverfreak staff, I have been given a goodies bag and choose a book. My eyes straight away focused on the cute DIY notepad made by Mamasan +Tammy Lim. She's been hardworkingly making that DIY notepad by herselves! Kudos to her;) I bought one too to support my beloved community.
And as it was noon, I just had to taste all the finger food. There's curry puff, brownies, carrot cake, croissants, sandwiches and of course...the classical scones. Tea and coffee anyone?
How cute was the cup? It suits my tudung isn't it? I also fall in love with the decorative tea party vintagey disp…