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[Food Review] Zomato @ Rondaevoo Coffe Dining have the best-est food!

Hi Food Lover!
I start with this picture because i am seriously craving this! you know that food it really good when you crave for it like a crazy women i am.
Wait! before i start, let me ask you, are you a fan of Roti Boy? like me? coz if you do, you definitely know that Roti Boy produce the best food, i mean bun. You just know whatever they make it is just food from heaven.
So guess what? now, instead of just bun, you can eat a full meal at Rondaevoo Coffee Dining they have the same boss equal to same quality food which mean foooooood from heaven!
So they asked, why Rondaevoo? Rondaevoo  is a French way to say "meeting" or "date." So go ahead and call your next lunch date with friends a rondaevoo.
so, let's rondaevoo at rondaevoo?(don't know if it's the right way of saying it or not)
Let's take a look at the menu;

Have you ever experience going to a new restaurant and you just don't know what to try coz there is just too many options, so you …

Sarapan seluruh negara sepanjang hari at Bites Cafe

Hello, Assalammualaikum.
Walaupun blog dah kurang aktif and berubah2, Alhamdulillah rezeki blogging still ada dan kali ni for the first time dapat opportunity untuk makan, makan dan makan. 
I was contacted by lovely Stella from out of the blue ajak pegi makan kat Bites Cafe and memang I bab makan laju je. Hye, you got one life to live, why waste it on restaining yourself makan kan? Takpe2 ada lagi masa nak diet before the big day (nak sedapkan hati).
Straight to the point, konsep Bites Cafe is an all day breakfast cafe dimana uolls boleh jumpa macam2 jenis sarapan dari pelbagai negara sepanjang hari. You know what they say..'breakfast is an important meal of the day'. For those yang suka tempat makan yang boleh chillax and selfie plus makanan sedap this is a place for you. And yang paling penting for muslims, it's pork- free.
Thank to Encik tunang yang pandai capture gambar interior Bites cafe. Amacam? teruja tak tengok setting tempat dia? Selalu org kata &…