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[OOTD]Colour coordinate hijab style

Good day!

Happy Thursday! 
Thank you for dropping by, today post is an OOTD post. Hope you like it. 
Since now the trend of colour coordinate is up back so i thought of sharing with u guys my colour coordinate OOTD.

I am a fan of dull colour such as nude colour as u can see above coz dull colour give you the innocent  look and  make u look as if like a very soft person (which i dont think i am). So here are the things i wear;
1.hijab: RM10 downtown  2. Kimono wrap - MIM(Made It Myself) 3.palazo from +Calacara Boutique 4.heels wedges : XES shoes 5. Watch: +Obaku Denmark Watches
Hope you like it! See you on next post! Bye for now. Kisses. 

DKNY charm bracelet

lately, i been so addicted to online shopping because my housemate keep go thro all kind of online shopping website in front of me, and keep opening her package in front of me! HAHAHA, Because of her! I go thro all kind of online shopping website to buy a watch, because of her also my money is goneeeeeeee!  So,  I prefer my watch to be like a bracelet, because i dont like wearing things that dont have any function, so because of that i buy my watch that also look like a bracelet. This is what i found at It is not a original DKNY, because too cheap to be the original, i got it for rm53 plus postage fee rm12 total of rm65. For this really beautiful watch. I know i just said only shopping is bad and bla bla bla but, in my defence for me this watch is hard to find outside and hard to get it this cheap. Hahahha. But now i am saving my money to buy XOXO charm bracelet watch  See how beautiful it is? I hope u dont mind i take ur picture, i cant help …