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{REVIEW} Egyptian Magic Cream + Mini Giveaway

Hello pretty & awesome! Happy Sabturday! How's your Ramadhan? ok? awesome?  Whatever it is, I really hope on this holy month, you girls would have the best time ever doing things you love doing or even if you don't, try to love it. Well, it all starts with you. We create our own destiny. and from today how bout seeing everything in positive way even if it hurts the most. You know, sometimes first impression can be wrong but first action can be the the first step in doing right. So let's act on doing it right shall we?
I'm just going to skip the introduction part of this Magic Cream and move on to the things that I'm amazed about it. Tell me if you ever find cream that have all the natural goodness of the world can offer and can be use for every inch of your body? Well, there isn't I supposed, until recently. You see, in one jar of Egyptian Magic Cream you'll find powerful ingredient that have known for years in improving skin condition. Even though it'…

{REVIEW} The Balm: FratBoy Shadow/ Blush

Hello pretty awesome! Another simple review for today. This is another favorite from my last beauty swap. Have you heard of The Balm? If you're a makeup 'obsessor' like me, I bet you'll love The Balm. I always wanted one but never had them. In Malaysia, I considered The Balm to be quite a high end brand since it's pretty much pricey compared to other brand. But who can blame them for being pricey when clearly they are so irresistibly charming with the packaging design and the quality. I especially love the vintagey graphic on all their packaging. Wishing that The Balm will be wide in Malaysia someday.
Thanks to my swap partner, I got to taste the best of The Balm. Frat Boy shadow/blush by The Balm is obviously for your eyes and cheek. The packaging are made from hard paper which is really light to carry. And as I mention before, I love the packaging graphic which is totally old school. With just one swipe you can already see that pigmented salmon pink. I've us…

{REVIEW} Fairy Beauty: Clenz ; Away your toxic & Replenish eye nutrition

Hello pretty awesome! Well, the title indeed says it all. Today is a pretty simple review on another Fairy Beauty product. You heard of Fairy Whitez? If you don't, you're just click away from my review. But today, is totally different. Clenz is a drink that focuses more to health part.
Effective weight-loss on the first intake of adequate nutrition.
Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty, Mina and ViVi magazines.
Fairy Beauty Clenz is manufactured using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence which is extremely easy for the body to absorb.
Our body produces toxins through its daily functions which needs to be eliminated. When these toxins are not eliminated, this will cause auto-intoxication: An increased growth in bacteria which ferments undigested food residues, turning them into compounds to reabsorbed in the body organs, liver and kidney.
10 days of consumption of Fairy Beauty Clenz will produce th…

Go with Flip flops when you're in doubt!

Hello pretty awesome! Today I'm going to share my love for flip flops. Time flies and fashion comes and goes. But, flip- flops are there to stay. I've been wearing them since I know how to walk. Even now, I go with flip- flops whenever I felt like it.
 Why do I love flip- flops so much?  Simply because, Flip flops are the simple footwear you could wear when you want to rest your feet. Take off those high heels and relax your soles by wearing the simple flip flop. Flip flops are designed to provide comfort for you all day long and you no longer have to feel insecure having smelly feet. As you know, smelly feet occur when you wear covered shoes far too long. So why not just relax on the weekend with a stylish flip flop?  Kick off those high heels or ballerina flats and let your feet breathe.
Flips flops are also the perfect footwear to be worn on a daily routine such as going grocery shopping or a trip to the post office. However, never wear them to work as a lot of offices have c…