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ALTHEA- RAYA Giveaway. Shop till drop!

Since Raya is coming up, how's your Raya preparation doing? Mine was fine until......

 I was planning to have a really simple Raya. No baju raya and no new makeup (coz I already buy plenty before). but since Althea have this really cute Limited Edition Ramadan Box. Suddenly, you know there's always something to buy! 

Besides, Althea have always have the best-est price. The cheapest so far! 
 On top of that Althea are doing Raya Giveaway Festival too, what's more reason you need?

All you have to do is spot the item above that have "FREE GIVEAWAY", add to cart (one item for one customer only eh! and ofcoz while stock last) continue shopping, once you checkout, the item that you pick that have "FREE GIVEAWAY" will discounted off!
Plus, There's no such thing too much makeup/skin care right? Coz, We using it everyday (finding reason to buy more๐Ÿ˜). So i must. I have tooo! You guys should too okey? #gengshoptilldrop❤
Here the link for you too;

1st time visiting HairDepot

Although im wearing hijab, i have never slacking in taking care of my hair. For me, my hair is a part of me, so keeping it beautiful and healthy is always my priority. 
Wait! Have you even hear about hairdepot? Yes? good! No? Seriously? Hairdepot have 30 Outlet in Malaysia taw! So it just really hard to miss it.
As i walk in the salesperson is super friendly and just ready to answer all my questions, serious. i asked a lot. from one product to another product, she is just happy to assist me on my hair problem.
If you looking for product from all around the word, Hairdepot have it! they have product from Australia, Greece, Japan and many more! and the price range from RM10 - RM200 je. It is definitely affordable.

This is the current promotion / the HIT product at Hairdepot that you have to try it out!

1. HAIRDEPOT ARGAN OIL 50ML : RM89 (BUY 1 FREE 1) It would be a lie ff you have not come across Argan oil, now Agran oil is used for everything, from head to toe, coz of its benefits. So…

{Jom Jalan2 Jumaat Extended} Bawak anak2 jalan pesta buku big bad wolf

Huhu..Salam and hello..sebenarnya iqa tak suka baca buku tapi suka beli buku..hihi gempak je tajuk bawak anak2...mmg every year ada Big Bad Wolf event kat Mines iqa mesti wajib pegi sebab best sangat...pening husband sbb kene pakse pegi kul 2 pagi gi sana...nasib baik kat dalam ada kafe makanan sedap2...
berlambak gile buku best2 unuk dibaca dan ditengok dijual dengan murah...suka gile tengok buku day nak bawak anak2 pegi sini beli buku...nak didik dorang minat membaca eventhough mak dia suke tengok buku je...paling suka shopping je honestly.. Anyway...terpaksa awalkn this post sbb malam nie tepat kul 12 mlm dorang akan wrapped up. So cepat2..tak rugi bawak anak g sini... search Mines je jumpa la tuh...

Salam SR


Well, Hello there pretty awesome!
Pretty soon it's going to be 2015 and it's freaking me out! How time flies and not a single resolution accomplish with flying color. How bout let's not have resolution next year or maybe...having resolution that is totally opposite of this not getting skinny..  Let's not focus on the seriousness of having new year resolution and let's have a therapeutic session by shopping. Here's just a little update on sales ongoing in Malaysia particularly in KL. BTW, I get my sale update on Check them out and let's go bargain hunting together.
First up that caught my attention is the Guess Brand Sale...I have not yet gone to Guess boutique to find out but they say Guess is having crazy discounts. I was thinking of buying few items for my hantaran. Well, of course need to ask le boyfie slash becoming fiance slash becoming hubby.. Sale is a great way to save for you big day. So why not?
Next is he BBW Sale …

{Random & SALE & HAUL} Biggest monthly haul Voir Warehouse Sale/ Halfest/ Hijabster Fest 14

Hello pretty awesome! Raise your hands if you’ve been to Halfest?? too…what did you buy? For some whom may not know, I did cover the event last year and this year I’m back again. But, I’m not gonna go in details cause I just wanna share my huge massive September haul. Not all of them I bought in Halfest but I’ve gone crazy with shopping this month…
Halfest is short for Halal Fest. It basically showcased every product in Malaysia and even worldwide that are Halal. And when we say Halal, doesn't mean just food.  It can be anything from food to beauty products to financial package. Halal means much much more than just safe to eat in terms of ingredients. But the process of producing it, must be hygienic, safe and no hidden agenda. Same goes to financial package. Hidden charges are not Halal or as we called it non- sharia compliance. Halal is something you can use without a doubt, trust with all you hearts and gain full benefits out of it. It’s not a weird and awkward thing a…