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LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mak

hai pretty! 
Ever since i started my practical at SKSA, everyday is a tanning day. Even if i don't want it. 80 days there, 80 days i never wanted a tanning day.  But im not the type that care so much to avoid sun. I never think that a 5 minutes walk from class to teacher room can give me tanned skin. But if everyday 5 minute tanned for 80 days, so..... The last day of school is the worst of it all.  Sports Day. At UPM. Back from Sport day,  my face...... burn baby burn! and the tiredness of school and work load are just obviously shown on my face. 
Lucky, i got livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask to the rescue! What is livYoung? Who is livYoung? livYoung is a company that offer from health food to skin care you name it. what is good for you livYoung has it. Dafi is the official JEFI & livYoung's Corporate Ambassador. so do you wan to LiYoung? visit their website to know more maybe? @
okay back to the livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask it isenriched…

{REVIEW} Beauty Talk; Be White Double Cleansing Gel works as cleanser and makeup remover! See to believe it.

Hello pretty awesome! I'm proud to present to you girls a product from Taiwan called Beauty Talk. Thanks to, I have the chance to have a glimpse of what Beauty Talk all about. And I have to admit that I'm shockingly impressed with the overcome finding. Getting to know the product, I'm quite regret that I turn down on the opportunity to work directly with Beauty Talk when I had the chance to. Honestly, I would say yes if I knew before that it was this good. But, long story, short, I couldn't just bite off more than I can chew. I hate doing task if it's not done properly. Sometimes I think I got OCD issues too much. Being perfectionist that I think I am, it really sucks sometimes.
Enough on the side notes, here's a product that is perfect on it's own. 

This Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel is from the Be' White Series, a remarkable new series, which protect against melanin production during the day while protect and condition the skin at night…