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{REVIEW} Travel easily with Makeup Brushes in a PU Vegan Leather Tube Canister Cylinder Case Holder

"Behind great art, there's a great person and great tools' or shall we say great makeup brushes?

Hello pretty awesome! Ingat tak post yg citer pasal travelling tu? Kalau korang perhati, mesti nampak yg bekas bulat tu.. Mesti korang tanpa segan silu cakap kejadahnye pompuan nie bawak pencil box g travel kan...Tapi korang salah...nie bukan brg kanak2 skola eh... Bace habis2 post nie baru tau dalam ad ap.. Too pretty to resist aight? I just had to play this brushes with my friends. Through experience being a bargain hunter, I noticed most super cute brushes packaging will only be attractive but not functional. Especially in terms of the brush quality and the handle being so fragile and ETC. Upon receiving this, I have not put high expectation for it to be great. Boy, I was wrong. It's pretty inside out! Came in the cutest Tube Canister,are this cute travel brushes. Before I talk about the brushes, I would love to brag about the canister. Available in four colors, the br…

{REVIEW & SELLING} Soap that gives me miracle?? The Alpha Arbutin Soap Double by Labdee. Memang berkesan xtipu

Hello pretty awesome! Happy Friday! Yeay..It's already coming to weekend I swear time passed by so fast and faster...don't you think so??
Yesterday, I shared on how I encounter the pimples manifestation and today, I would love to share with you, my lovely reader and friends the cleanser I use ( as you already read on title). Honestly, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 'online product' 'Thailand product' and stuff. You know how they produce something in large quantity and so many fakes out there. But one month ago, I was soo desperate on healing my hideous- hideous scar that suddenly I decided to try this Labdee; Thailand Alpha Arbutin Soap dengan terbuka hati..(padahal xtahan tgok kotak die yg color pink and comel)
Alhamdulillah after one month, I'm happy to say that it works on me quite well. On the left is a photo of me on my first week of using the soap and the right is a month and so using the soap. I didn't have a photo of me before using …