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flawless u'olls!

okey! i know it been ages since i post. but i know my sister has never keep u guys bored with her exciting life going on.  so my life has never been bored and busy with same-o same-o that is why i don't have the time to post. i have final exam is currently still going on. one more paper to go. pray for me.
okey beauty people! so for this post, i just remember that i never actually tell u guys what is actually "flawless set" rite? follow me on instagram: yanarusli. where i share all the testimony there.
what does flawless do?
Flawless skincare by gorgeous damias beauty

only Rm70 and FREE postage gets:
30g milk soap
20g day cream
30g night cream

milky soap :Shea butter,Olive oil,Aloe vera oil extract,Mulberry bark,Licorice,Aqua( water),Milk extract,Fragrance

the goodness of the soap :
Brighten and moisten skin.
get rid of dead cell in skin
help reduce aging line
balance skin Ph

Night cream :Tomato extract,Alpha arbutin,Chinese flower oil,Herb ,Coal,Extract milk and grape seed for whit…

My progression

As promise, i will show to u guyss from day1 i start using flawless till now. Thnk god i am a camera holic. Hahhaha So this entry will be mostly my picture. 
First let me show u the creme. this is the the day n night creme  The day creme is the best! Usually i will wear abit of compact powder but for this creme. I just apply it without putting any compact power because it is not oily and it is amazingly amazing. Hahaha For the night creme, it is abit sticky but after a while it will absorb to ur face. 
This is me before the day i started wear FLAWLESS SET.  21 jun Some people ask me "will ur face peel or flake ?" Because some product said ur face will peel, it is a part of fixing ur face and so on. But for FLAWLESS SET it doesnt! Thats the best part! It is painless! But sorry i didt have any picture for the 1st month. I can gurantee to u it will not peel,  Picture of me after a month 22 july.
21 july
3 august 
4 august
23 august
27 august
4 september 
15 september
21 septemb…


After 3 moth of using FLAWLESS SET the result is amazing!  People ask me all kind of question like "putihnya yana sekarang, pkai ape" "you are getting whiter, what are u using?" So i am so happy to share and tell to u guys, That i am wearing FLAWLESS SET and i am also OFFICIALLY selling it also! So if u guys wanted to try u can contact me thro  my twitter @yanarusli or just simply whatsapp me at 0167226960
The left picture is 3month before im wearing FLAWLESS SET and the right is 3month after.  A big difference right? Both picture is non-edit and both picture is taken from iphone 5. 
The result is actually as fast as 1 week, mybe on the next entry i will share to u guys on my progression. Insyaallah!
So contact me if u wan to try! Happy trying guys!  Xoxo  Y

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