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Maybelline NY Catwalk 2 Sidewalk Grand Finale Party fun!

Hello beauties!  Few days ago I was thankful to +Amirah 'Izzah Mohd Najib  tagged me to RSVP to this event.  and I got in! Just a brief story on what this is all about, previously Maybelline had held a contest on photo uploading with the most daring makeup using Maybelline newest bestest mascara which is of course the Maybelline Rocket! and the Grand Prize is a trip to NY during fashion week!OMG, how I wish I could go there....Anyway...the last grand finale challenge was of course a catwalk!
How amazing all of this 13 finalists to get through the final! and I'm just excited to attend to give them support:) It was held in Neverland, right at the heart of KL of course.. Did you came as well? It was fun at the entrance that they ask us to leave our mark on the graffiti wall using makeup!. Inside, they offered free drinks and finger food! I was enjoying while waiting for the show to start. Thanks to him for being my driver, bodyguard and photographer and my everything :p
They als…