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{REVIEW} CLIO Professional Virgin Kiss Lipnicure + Maleficent X CLIO makeup tutorial

Hello pretty awesome! Did I ever tell you I'm a red lippie girl? Being pale makes me look like a vampy. Red lips makes a huge different in appearance. So, I go for red lips all the way.Red lips can stand out in crowd and portraits bold, sexy and brave. Sometimes, red lips can even lift up confidence. But all the way is so hard to achieve since most lipstick doesn't last long. You'll end up having that messy red lips which is opposite of sexy. So then I found Lipnicure. Remember how I encountered with this Lipnicure? and I'm glad I did. Lipnicure is literally a manicure polish for lips.
Lipnicure is somewhere between lipstick and lip stain, a nail polish and all. As always, CLIO Brand packaging is gorgeous, exquisite and sleek. I also love the container which is stylish and light to carry in you bag.
The wand is easy to hold but I find the applicator to be a little bit hard to have smooth lips. You'll get messy lips especially around the edge. I've put this Lip…

{REVIEW} CLIO Professional Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black

Hello pretty awesome! Just another simple post. I've been searching for a great eye liner that is easy to draw. Have you seen this Liner Tragedy? Source
I think this happen to me so many time especially when you're in hurry. It's so annoying when this happen that I've been picky when it comes to eye liner. I would say, not many eyeliner met my criteria of a good eyeliner. To me, great eyeliner should be easy to handle, pigmented and doesn't smudged. I love the box and also the sleek pen design. It's light to carry too. This CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black has really nice packaging. The illustration is really tempting. You know how the Korean superstar achieve that sexy sultry look in every photo they capture.
SOURCE The deep black pen is really pigmented that I love so much and of course, it's water proof. They also claimed that it's smudged proof. But as I tried to smudge it, I could see that it's started to get messy. It get even worst when I …

{REVIEW} CLIO Professional CC VF21 Cream

Hello pretty awesome! It's been a while since I started blogging and I'm glad there's a lot of awesome brand out there for me to test it on. Thanks to one of my favorite beauty shop I get to try CLIO. The first time I encounter with CLIO is in Watson's Local Drug store. It was actually my little sis whom fall in love with the Lippies but she have been postponing to buy that because she's trying to decide. That was 3 months ago and still she didn't bought it. It was coincidentally great that suddenly offers me to do reviews out of no where. And there's nothing more to say than I'm just utterly brilliantly filled with joy.
 I tried to search deep into what's CLIO all about but it was all Korean writing and I don't know any Korean. Hence, let's just randomly talk about it. As I was googling, I found out that CLIO is a Greek word that means 'praise'. I love the name because it's truly resembles the products are for.