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Derma Roller

So as promise, hundreds needles that goes to your skin and face is Derma Roller!

Last month, there's a few girls reported and when viral after trying on skin care. That girl is like really super pretty before using the skin care but after trying the skin care, the effects is really shocking. People that know me knows that i been using this skin care (i dont think it's appropriate to reveal) for years... Whereby it get me scared  because of the girls that report what happen, I decided to stop using it.. After stopping. One by one pimples keep showing up. And the best part is I always make it better by pop it! Yeay me with full of scars after that. 
I been eyeing Derma Roller for sometimes actually. I mean its needle and hundreds of them ofcoz u will need a long and really hard think right? And i really bad at making decisions but that's what blogger and youtuber here for right? To help u or to help people like me to be exact. 
I am a very logical person. I need logic than o…

{GUIDE} When your loved ones admitted to critical ward: What to do

سَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُl Hello pretty awesome. I know it's like a non- beauty related post, but I felt like it's a good thing to share about since I got so many people asking what do they do if someone they love admitted to critical ward. I've been a nurse in critical care unit for almost 4 years and I have witness the worst case scenario even far more bizarre than what I've seen on TV. And often, when these happen to somebody you love, you felt like you can't do anything other than rely on what doctors and nurses are doing.
I have to admit to be in that position, it would be the scariest things ever. Cause you can't control everything that happens. Working everyday and seeing this situation everyday makes me felt almost normal to take care of critical patient whom probably at the end of their life. People's perception when someone admitted to ICU often the worst. They would say admitted to ICU would be a 50- 50 chance of life and…

Trip to Krabi -Aonang, Thailand Part 2.

Hello pretty Ohsom! Assalammualaikum... Mula- mula planning nak buat satu part dah macam panjang sangat...jadi tertubuhlah part 2. Sebenarnya ikut planning, memandangkan tak pakai tourist guide, nak pergi Island hoping. Tapi mak abah tak larat. Jadi, instead of jalan- jalan kat pantai, kami banyak habiskan masa shopping kat darat. Harga barang kat Thailand ni macam sy mention, lebih kurang je dengan Malaysia. Tapi jadi jakun skit la sebab lain barangnye dengan Malaysia. Haaa nia air milo Thailand. Hehe Harga dia 250 baht. Mahal dari kite skit kan. Rasa pun lain macam skit. Lagi sedap Malaysia punye. 
Sampai- sampai hotel kami berehat dulu sebab da terlalu penat. Satu hari habis dalam kereta je. Lepas Magrib baru kami keluar balik. Beza masa Malaysia dan Thailand adalah satu jam. So kat sane 6.30pm dah Magrib dan dah gelap.
Disebabkan terlalu penat, malam tu kami sempat pergi warung makan, singgah 7Eleven pastu balik hotel. Ni lah warung nya. Sebenarnya kat Ao Nang ni banyak k…