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Sentap! - ppztv

Hi guys, so today post nak campur campur skit bole?
Youtube have been the main source nowadays after google to search on anything. Kebanyakkan youngsters sekarang prefer tengok video daripada membaca, lagi menarik sebab dapat engaged listening and seeing. Tetapi tak dapat dinafikan jugak dekat youtube penuh dengan video yang tak sepatutnya dan boleh menyesatkan jikalau tak monitor. So for parents out there, monitor what your child is seeing. For adults, choose wisely. So Yesterday i jalan jalan di Youtube taw, btw bole subscribe YouTube channel i. Search for yana rusli. Or click HERE! (Iklan) Tapi bukan itu yg ku mahu sampaikan, i jalan2 di Youtube and terjumper video ni;

Sentap tak? Video yg very simple yet give a lot of information. Lelaki yg serba x cukup, kutip botol dan tin untuk hidup pon ingat bayar zakat. Kite? Allah bg semua cukup, tapi? Dalam Allah bagi kite rezeki, ade rezeki orang lain. It is our responsibility to distribute it. Mungkin dengan sekarang ni, kite sebok bekerja…

I wanna go to Korea!

Its Althea birthday! What better way to celebrate it than Shopping? Right?
Best yet, it's their birthday but they are giving out like its our birthday (so not complaining) SALE! Like crazy! Worth every dollar!  Birthday giveaways! Free product to add into cart! Birthday goodies! You will get the cutest box (birthday box) + DIY Bday kit + Sample pack!
Not to forget the FLY ME TO KOREA contest! All you need to do is decorate the box as creative as you can and post on Instagram with #AltheaTurns2 #AltheaKorea and you already 1step closer to korea! 
So here a vid of me unboxing and decoring my box! (trying my luck) 
Dear Althea elves, please pick me? I promise i be good!

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Typical Malaysian Property Promotion! Over exaggerate?

Have you watch this? I personally think it is so true! if you always go to any property promo you will definitely sees one of this. from Hardcore Sales Agent, Throw Package, Promoter Chic, Big Budget Events to Big budget Ads all soooooo true, but they maybe over exaggerate a bit laa but that made it more fun right? I watch it hundreds times and always find myself smiling. I wanna meet that beatbox salesman laa. If you beatbox for me, I dont have money also i buy k. hahahahaha 😂😂😂

okey visit them to know more;

VS Lip Glow Review [vid]

Hi peeps! Here a really short and honest review for VS Lip Glow.
I really loveeee this lip glow/lip-balm!!!
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Have you prepared your Kuih Raya?

Have you? If you don't and you such a lazy person like me. This is definitely the kuih raya for you! 

The things you need or the ingredients;
500gm Florentine / Florenta 250gm Pumpkin Seed* 250gm Sunflower Seed* 250gm Almond Flake*
1st of all, Bake all the * ingredients with 170•c in 5-15minutes. Once done, let it cool down for 5minutes min. Mix all the ingredients together and put in in a cup.
Bake for 10-15 minutes and you done!
Or just watch this;

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Unboxing Althea! [vid]

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Makeup with me! [vid]

Hi peeps!

so.... i know. its has been a while since i post a video.  please don't hate me? i was supposedly release this video long timeee ago, i don't know why i didn't. but heyy yooo.
hope you love it?

Makeup with me [Vid]

Hi Peeps!
as promised, here the continuous vid from the skincare vid last saturday.

Shizens - my VISAGE make-over. [Video]

Good Day!
Hi Peeps!

Here the link for you to read on the full product.

So as promised, i will post my own VISAGE makeover vid! so here it is;

Need you help! go to youtube and comment you guys came from my blog, i need to do a bit of research. please pretty please?
and ohh please forgive me on the bad quality and bad editing. editing is hard! 
Here the link for Shizens FB page to keep you update on the product!
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Thank you!
Bye love!

Makeup Vid is up!

Good Day!
Hi guys!
Sorry! I know i post really really late, super busy today, and editing... ohhhhh editing. now I understand. Dear all Youtuber, I truly respect your hard work.
Here the vid;

Hope you guys love it! please be nice, its my 1st time..
i guess that it for today.
See you tomorrow okey?
Kisses. YR