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Perodua Axia SE 1.0

Good Day,

Happy Wednesday. 
Regards the tittle above, today post will be a bit boyish coz i wan to review on the Perodua Avia SE 1.0. 
Before that i just wan to mention that I know since i have taken oven this blog, i dont do much on makeup review, which i know most of you guys wan to read on makeup review.  Honestly, i dont own much of makeup to do review on however comment down below the product that you personally wan me to do a review on. I will do my very best to get the product and review just for you. 
Okey lets get back to the main review for today. 
Note: Im still a normal women which only can review on what she see and feel, the engine and all...... truly apologies in advance, i have no idea about the engine and all that hidden. TQ
Perodua is known with hunchback car, the most popular car for Perodua is Myvi where you can see until now Myvi still selling at any Perodua. Axia is actually a replacement of Viva (what i hear la). Viva is 1.0 whereby Axia also the same. but in te…