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getting ready for RAYA with Dermedics!

Hi peeps!
Last time I visited Dermedics usj to see for myself the fake product and i have post the "china product vs original product for Dermedics" for you guys to see too. If you haven't read that, CLICK here.
One of my friend, had tried it too and she said that her face become dry and take up to 2weeks to recover and now she just looking very flawless (stalk at instagram)
Since Raya coming up in 3weeks.... I thought why not right? So yesterday (1st June 2017), i came to visit Dermedics at Kuchai Lama to try on myself the best selling Mesowhite brightening serum by the one and only Dermedics Malaysia. 
What is actually Dermedics MESOWHITE brightening serum or what is it for actually?
MESOWHITE is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark skin tones and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (age spots).
Note; if you guys coming and try it out, Come …

Perla Coffee Review

Good Day!
Dear readers, thank you for stopping by. As promised, i will blog after i finish the whole box of Perla Coffee that i am currently drinking. 
In my previous post of Perla Coffee i didn't mention the benefits of drinking Perla Coffee, i was assuming everyone already know about it but hey there's no loss in sharing again right?
Perla Coffee is a coffee for : 1.whitening your whole body  2.even your skin tone to treat acne problem problem  5.soften your skin texture. in making your skin more fluffy and flawless. in treating scars in reducing wrinkles and fine line.
and so much more.
*i dont sell this coffee, i just drink it and do review for my readers to help you guys in deciding whether or not to drink.
So honest review, few years back i tried and there a lot of pimple. Now, reason i give myself to try again is because of coffee. since i been working, drinking coffee is a must because i found myself super blur if i dont. I been drinking Nescafe…

perla coffee. Again?

Whatttt? Its already Thursday!!! heyoooo. Ohh guysss im sooooo sooo sorry. Few days have been disaster. Ohh yaa last week i know i didn't post anything because 1. Im sick, 2. Last week its my birthday yoo. Soo happy birthday liyana.

So since i just officially 22 years old last week, i forget that yesterday it's already Wednesday. Thats is why today post will be a combination of Wednesday and Thursday post. Ohh old people problem. Or is it really just me?

If you guys read my last time post, i have tried Perla Coffee and pimple grow on my fort head like mushrooms. But now currently my skin is super dull and i dont know what to doooooo so i tried again. Wuuuuuu. Yeay me? However what i gonna make sure this time is.... i will be extra care with my face to avoid any pimple to grow.

Today is my 7 day of drinking it and... tadaaaaa

No filter taw just for u guys. After i finish the whole box. I will post another one.  The dots is from before drinking it. So hopefully it will be gone b…

scary way to be pretty?

Hi peeps! Happy Wednesday! Hope its not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Adha.

So today post will be.... Scary way to be pretty? 
Beauty is pain, right? So today topic will be cover on injectios! Are u scare of needle? Or u would do anything for beauty? 

I been eyeing on this injection by the name "mixing white" 
Mixing White Glow (Mixing white Antioxidants for Glowing Skin) contains 1500mg glutathione which Switzerland Innovative new white makes you fairer, more radiant skin which will look healthier and less fuzzy. It wiil help reduce wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, enhance the body’s immune system and stimulate the body’s reprocess systems. The skin and inhibiting excessive melanin throughout the body.
The more flawless white skin. Along with making it into a shallow wrinkles and tighten skin, reduce acne, reduce dark spots from acne.
1. L-Glutathione 1500 mg.
2. L-Ascorbic 500 mg
3. Niacin 300 mg
4. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 300 mg
5. High Alpha-Lipoic Aci…

Babeskin came up with whitening soap and double serum

I review lagi satu sabun pemutihan...sorry lah kepada reader- reader yang selalu tengok muka I je keluar kat blog...mana Yana? Jangan tanyala..masing- masing busy..tak boleh nak paksa partner it has to be me alone...Blogging ni kena datang as a passion even writing kena ada mood, baru the thing that we write can engage with people. I guess some just take it as simply, words on pages. I'll try to keep on updating though...
Kalau you guys pernah browse to my blog, mesti you pernah nampak I review a produk by Babeskin. Beautyoat is kind of beauty innovation if you ask me sebab tak ada lagi produk Malaysia yang incooperate oat dengan collagen. Memang bagus produk dia. Just that I wish I can drink it continuously. Susah nak jumpa produk kecantikan yang bagus tapi harga murah gila. Tapi bila Babeskin ada produk baru why not I cuba dulu kan? Mesti setanding dengan produk keluaran pertama diorang.
So, tunggu punya tunggu, sampaipun barang pos berisi sabun dan serum…

{REVIEW} Discover Your Natural Inner Beauty with Chamos Acaci

Hello pretty awesome! Let's keep this short and simple but be sure to check out supermodel2u link cause you'll be amaze on how this beauty product works magically. If you've read the previous post, this is quite similar to it with the exception of being awesome in WHITENING.
This Korean made contains Galactomyces 100% Ferment Filtrate. Yes, if you have dry, sensitive, dark skin, how about trying this? After two weeks of usage, I find that this really helps.  I have develop a hideous invasion of pimples on my left cheek area after having my menses. My hormone are too active that it also activate the pimples growing. After 2 weeks of usage, I can't believe that it works although I didn't felt anything strange during the brightening process. Like I said before, it also act as brightening product. But it would take a little big longer to work for whitening.
I love the fact that 
it's small and easy to carry and also easy to applyIt's watery exactly like the fam…

{REVIEW} Beauty Talk; Be White Double Cleansing Gel works as cleanser and makeup remover! See to believe it.

Hello pretty awesome! I'm proud to present to you girls a product from Taiwan called Beauty Talk. Thanks to, I have the chance to have a glimpse of what Beauty Talk all about. And I have to admit that I'm shockingly impressed with the overcome finding. Getting to know the product, I'm quite regret that I turn down on the opportunity to work directly with Beauty Talk when I had the chance to. Honestly, I would say yes if I knew before that it was this good. But, long story, short, I couldn't just bite off more than I can chew. I hate doing task if it's not done properly. Sometimes I think I got OCD issues too much. Being perfectionist that I think I am, it really sucks sometimes.
Enough on the side notes, here's a product that is perfect on it's own. 

This Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel is from the Be' White Series, a remarkable new series, which protect against melanin production during the day while protect and condition the skin at night…

{REVIEW} Much Cheaper alternative to Cleansing machine; Secret Key Soft Pore Brush

Hello pretty awesome.. Ya.. I know it's been a while...working 4 straight night shift makes me a walking zombie. I can't even do things properly anymore. The life of being a nurse is tough when you're working in a place where you don't really get appreciated. Betul, kadang- kadang rasa fed up dengan load kerja yang melampau. Berblogging nie la cara nk release tension. 
Balik rumah, tengok barang bertimbun untuk review kadang- kadang letih jugak..but playing with beauty stuff is some kind of therapy to my soul other than sleeping of course. Previously, I've been sharing my favorite cleansing machine which are cheaper alternative to Mia . Tau x Mia tu ape? Cube la korang google..idaman setiap beauty blogger kot nk own Mia... Harga dia ja dah separuh harga I- Phone, I xmampu la jawabnye... Thanks to Supermodels Secrets dapat jugakla realisasikan impian by buying cheaper version of Mia..Olay Pro- X kte yg kte sayangi tu..
But I've heard some telling me that Olay P…