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Kingsman The Secret Service movie review. To watch or not to watch?

"Manners makes a man" As quoted by Harry (acted by Colin Firth) while he lock the door and unleash his sleek style fighting ability towards scumbags that was talking to him rudely , I was then truly sunk into this whole English duke kind of spy movie. The scene particularly to me, makes this movie as a whole especially the quote. source And of course, picking Colin Firth as one of the Kingsman spy and the main actor for this movie is spot on. But why oh why the movie decided not to have him in the sequel!!?? (if there is ever a sequel) It sadden me to know that the ending for Harry is just not the way I wish it to be...
If you're into James Bond type of movie with a little bit extra humor, then this is your kind of movie. I love that the movie started of with the beginning of a young boy called Eggsy (Taron Egerton) whom had so much potential to be great but wasted his life away with unimportant agenda due to family crisis. Somehow, destiny has it ways around and suddenly…

{GADGET REVIEW + PHOTOS} Economical version perfect selfies cam: Altek Cubic Camera

Hello awesome! It's been awhile...I know....but thank you so much for your time to visit It means a lot to me. I've been into gadgets lately and I'm dying to share this awesome gadget. I kind of taking a chance on this gadget since there's not so much review out there on this gadget. Basically, this gadget is China made gadget (I think), it's like a cheaper alternative for a selfies camera if you're heard of Sony smart lens or the Hero action camera. It's a camera lens which connected to your smart phone and enable you to take photo with your phone. The cool thing about this is that no more timer needed and you could take photos by view on your phone and with just one click from afar.
This cute Altek cubic camera is smaller compared to smart lens but works almost as good. Inside the box they've included everything you need. Do watch my youtube video to see my unboxing of this altek cubic and also a demo on it. Apologies in advanced fo…