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{REVIEW} Egyptian Magic Cream + Mini Giveaway

Hello pretty & awesome! Happy Sabturday! How's your Ramadhan? ok? awesome?  Whatever it is, I really hope on this holy month, you girls would have the best time ever doing things you love doing or even if you don't, try to love it. Well, it all starts with you. We create our own destiny. and from today how bout seeing everything in positive way even if it hurts the most. You know, sometimes first impression can be wrong but first action can be the the first step in doing right. So let's act on doing it right shall we?
I'm just going to skip the introduction part of this Magic Cream and move on to the things that I'm amazed about it. Tell me if you ever find cream that have all the natural goodness of the world can offer and can be use for every inch of your body? Well, there isn't I supposed, until recently. You see, in one jar of Egyptian Magic Cream you'll find powerful ingredient that have known for years in improving skin condition. Even though it'…