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Hello Beauties...How have you been? Have you done something great this year? It's already December and oh boy...time flies..Today is a special entry, something that dearest to my heart...and It's all about charity....Working with people, I've learn through time and experience to be more considerate, empathizes and sympathizes towards other. However, lack of time and money always constrains me to do out of my limit so I try to push myself to be involve in volunteering work especially working as a healthcare worker, you'll get chance to do community service and so on...Sadly in reality, not all healthcare worker (people around me) or even people involve in charity really meant they love contributing. It's always for something benefits themselves. How many people just happen to help strangers in need? I bet only few...Something I learn from giving is that you always gets something better in return, just that, don't expect anything from giving. The feeling when ma…

KinoLuau with the Butterflies! + Kinohimitsu Bio-Boost story telling

Hello and Aloha Beauties! How are you? I know, i know...It's been awhile since I post (Like you care..)...Sadly my lappy had been cracked to thousands pieces...Sob..sob...well..things happen for a reason...

Right now I would like to move on to a happy part...which is sharing my exciting fun day at the Kinoluau! Remember my previous post on my proposal to the party??

BTW, you should try the Kinohimitsu drinks because I'm totally falling in love with it, nyummy and healthy just the way I like it! keep on reading till the end because it's going to be lengthy as I've decided to include review on Kinohimitsu Latest hip product!
and yeah...I got invited!! I felt very happy that I've been chosen as the lucky 50 to attend party of the year! Saving all the gratitude for later...Let me enlighten you of what that day has been about and I'll be bragging about it too because it's amazingly the coolest party ever!

E komo mai  to'ina!! (Let's party!)