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Kingsman The Secret Service movie review. To watch or not to watch?

"Manners makes a man" As quoted by Harry (acted by Colin Firth) while he lock the door and unleash his sleek style fighting ability towards scumbags that was talking to him rudely , I was then truly sunk into this whole English duke kind of spy movie. The scene particularly to me, makes this movie as a whole especially the quote. source And of course, picking Colin Firth as one of the Kingsman spy and the main actor for this movie is spot on. But why oh why the movie decided not to have him in the sequel!!?? (if there is ever a sequel) It sadden me to know that the ending for Harry is just not the way I wish it to be...
If you're into James Bond type of movie with a little bit extra humor, then this is your kind of movie. I love that the movie started of with the beginning of a young boy called Eggsy (Taron Egerton) whom had so much potential to be great but wasted his life away with unimportant agenda due to family crisis. Somehow, destiny has it ways around and suddenly…


Hello! I'm pretty excited cause in just few hours, Malaysia will be able to watch The Wedding Ringer in cinema nationwide! Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to see it first in Malaysia (spotted me on Nuffnang IG) . 
If you love movies like Horrible Bosses or Green Lantern or Hangover 1, 2, 3, I bet you'll love this times 10 more. Source
This movie is about an extremely socially awkward guy whom is getting married to a gorgeous hot girlfriend of his. Wanted to give his very best, he tried so hard to make the wedding as perfect as can be including having the best of the best man around. Turns out, finding seven true friend that could be his best man is too much to handle considering he didn't have any. Luckily for him, money is not a big deal and who knows, Wedding Ringer is available for hire!  Source And so, he met this guy named Jimmy, the best man of the best men that could ever be. With a price of course! Jimmy, the professional wedding ringer is played by Kevin Hart. I think K…


Hello pretty awesome!! Ok ok... Have you watch the movie Lucy?? Did you? Did you?
If you did, what do you think? The best part of Lucy is Scarlett Johansson and of course, Morgan Freeman. I always think Morgan Freeman is the older version of Nicholas Cage. It's like, they have the largest brain capacity when it comes to memorizing lines. I mean..have seen them in action? They talk a lot of facts stuff ...and I just donno how they'd do it. Source Source
As for Scarlett Johansson, she's a starlet. I couldn't think of anyone else that could be Lucy. In this movie, Lucy is just a typical young adult that party and drinks and occasionally do drugs. She been set up by her boyfriend to send a package to a drug dealer. Little did she know, she's in for the biggest twist of her life, been cut open and accidentally drugged with a new invented drug that amazingly increased brain capacity. Source Normal human being uses only 10% of brain capacity. And with 10% brain capacity, hu…

{MOVIE REVIEW} The Expendables 3 at Nuffnang Premiere Screening

Hello pretty awesome! If you followed my IG, you would know that I've posted a picture of me holding my cute big eyes nephew. It's actually a contest to win a pair of ticket to see Expendables 3 by Nuffnang and to my surprise that Jason Statham double tapped my picture. Somehow, I think the baby does remind me of Jason's baldy head...LOL..And I got to admit that I just love his sexy English accent. He's one of the reason why I wanna see the movie. Of course, there's a line up of great actors on this movie too. That's what makes this movie special. Can you spot your favorite? Honestly, I never seen The Expendables 1 and 2 or have I? I don't even remember but what I can tell you is that this is one of successful movie franchise ever exist especially in action genre.
You might know that I'm not a big fan of action movie but I think I might be wrong on my own taste in movies. After seeing this movie I might consider action movies as choice. In movie, The E…

{MOVIE REVIEW} How to train your dragon 2 with Nuffnang!

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Another simple entry for today. Yesterday I went for a movie preview thanks to Nuffnang. Honestly I'm not a big fan of action movie. But..this is totally different! So long ago there's existence of How To Train Your Dragon 1. I almost forget how's the story goes because it's ages ago. As I recalled, it's about Hiccup, not a thing but a boy living in Viking era. Hiccup is always enthusiastic about discovering world but having a conservative father that holds high hope on his son, Hiccup feels rebellious and out of his action, he found Toothless, a cute rare black dragon that he knows little about. They become best buddy and change world between human and dragon.
In the sequel, human and dragon are already living peacefully. Hiccup's father decided to pass the throne but Hiccup wasn't ready. So he went wandering off till he discovers that enemy is coming to stir up the peaceful relationship between men and dragon. On…

Spider Man 2 Review! Cheras Sentral TGV open

Hello pretty awesome! so long that I've done movie reviews...but I just had to do this me lame...but I don't really follow this spidey widey hero..infact most Marvel's are just not my cup of there's your answer on why I review so late...

I just hate seeing heroes come to life as it would make me really wish they were here when in fact, all of us are born hero to someone...

But for real, being not so much of a Marvel's fan, this one got me wanting more... I didn't really follow the Toby Maguire Spider Man but I definitely think this is better..this is less sappy nerdy version of spider man...and the love scene are just too sweet...Kind of reminding me to Real Steel movie..Have you seen it? It really lifts up your spirit... Yous should watch it...promise it won't be disappointing..

Women's Day; Ikal mayang

Hello readers!   I dont know either im late or not. I dont care! I still wanna wish
happy women day! Women day is everyday not just a day rite girls?
So how do u spend ur women day? Shopping? Hangout with la girls?
My day are spent very well! Thankyou to Citi Bank, and also GSC for free movie pass for Ikal Mayang. and not to forget my friend, which is known as iqa too the one that invite me, THANKYOU!

Ikal Mayang is actually not a movie. Or atleast i think it is not. Or i just super confius. In ikal mayang it have more than 10 short film. And all of it, are about women. Well it is women's day rite?
I remember one short film called khalilah, i think laa.. i really have short memory. It is about a girl nowadays. Always wakeup late, cannot cook, cannot cut onion without crying. I actually remember this short film because....... i can relate.... 
after the movie finish showing, it also have a Q&A session. All the producers came to answer our question. But most importantly is that …


Hello Spartanians!
I know I promise u girls a haul post...but that one gonna have to wait...there's a lot of things I need to put in the post...and I hate posting something without double checking...Especially wrong spelling, false statement and out of place bear...bare with me...
I know it 2am...but I need to share with you my day today... Thanks to beloved got a pair of ticket to see 300: Rise of an empire...of course you've heard of it...its the sequel...Remember the battle between Spartans the shirtless and Persia?...correct me if I'm wrong...but I never seen the first one...Why? Simple because I don't bother to see muscle man goes shirtless...I'm a nurse..what do you think I do for living? LOL..
So, call me lame, but this is my first time seeing shirtless men in's the movie? I guess for a not total fan of action movie...this movie is nice...considering all the 3D effect of rain splash, blood splash and sword fighti…

Endless Love

hello love! okey 1st thing 1st! a BIG BIG Thank You to nuffnang for the ticket! 
Endless Love is a story about a super pretty girl and a super hot boy.
in conclusion, super cute couple laaa kn!
teenage love is always the best. HAHAHA
since i am kinna a romantic person. kinna? so this kind of story is my fav!
actually all girls love LOVE story dont we?

"Guys watch too much porn. Those girls don't exist. They're not real girls, and that's like us watching romance movies. That's girl porn, because, like, those guys do not exist."- Miley Cyrus.

even miley cyrus think romance movie is porn for her.
that shows how much she love romance.
i love that she even said those kind of guys in the romance movie DO NOT EXIST!
coz they dont! there no such guy that is hot, sweet, lovable, smart and so on... no such GUY!
no! NO! NO!
*sorry over react*
 but if u love someone with all ur heart. nothing matter.

the Endless Love story is super super romantic. i love love love the mov…


Hello Beauties,  how's your day? Have you joined the Giveaway? 2more days to hurry up;)
Anyway, today is the day I review movie again..yes, bajet pengkritik filem la konon...Thanks to Nuffnang, yesterday it's movie date again..I'm excited to see this movie because it's related to Life of Pi movie..I love the movie Pi and the tiger as it was so significant to how's life really is...but let's not get carried away by telling you all this.
Similar to Life of Pi, The Book Thief is a story of a young girl named Liesel living life in the era where war is everything. The story started of with a narrator that I assume as death. Death took Liesel as the main character to his story. As the story evolve around Liesel, Death tells how she learn about death through life one by one from moment to moment.
Liseel is a young girl, shy, quiet but very enthusiastic. First death she encountered is the death of her little brother on their way to new adoption parents. As the…

My movie datenight LONE SURVIVOR + MBO ALLSTAR

Hello beauties, happy holiday!!how's your day today?? Hope you're having a blast...entry harinie nk campur2 language bole x? Asyik2 ckp org puteh jemu la plak...entry arinie santai je...nk cite2 kedai kopi je...bkn beauty entry pun...

So smalam I went for a movie datenight with my boyfie...Since today die nk pergi jauh for a week...nk spend quality time la konon...i n him jarang berjauhan since we both stayed in KL...walaupun jarak antara rumah kami about 20mins away...quite far jugak....seems like so near sbb slalu mkn same and he is type which like to spoil me....seriously...he hate letting me go out for meal by myself...or going for anything alone infact...cmne nk kurus kalau asyik kene treat mcm princess...ish2..but i like that though sbb da trauma dgn kejadian2 lampau...

So back to the story....since die nk pergi jauh for a week...I let him choose movie he wanna watch...usually i would pick the movie...because
a: taste movie die xabis2 action
b: taste kwn2 die pow…

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Hello Movie Lover! its me again, miss me?  okey yesterday 27 dec 2013 nuffnang