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{SECRET & TIPS} Beauty skin- care I can't live without. Rahsia kecantikan terbongkar la sangt..

Hello pretty awesome! Hope everything goes really well for you girls cause I'm hoping the same for me..
So,dulu2 kan...I had the most annoying skin problem...even so, I had it on off..but not as awful as before..Before, I would just wear heavy makeup everywhere and can't leave without it cause I hate being seen with naked face looking like a horrible scary ghost. My face are just so dull yet full of pigmentation and old acne scar which is totally hideous. After trial and error, day by day, I found out the secret in achieving fresh radiant face is totally having strict face routine. A day that I skipped my face routine, pimples starts popping up and if it's not, it's just my lucky day. Hence,  I figured that I should share my skin routine by introducing all the skin care products that I can't live without. After gathering all of my favorite, this is my most favorite and most I can't live without. Starting from cleansing to the whole night regime. And I can ensur…

{REVIEW} Mary Quant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara in Laurel Green

Hello pretty awesome! It's another review post:) I know I've been telling you girls many times about my Mary Quant price winning from Vanity Trove because honestly, I'm not the luckiest girl ever. But this winning is totally my luck because all I have to do was comment once and magically, I'm the one and only winner. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bragging, but it's true that I seldom have luck in winning stuff:( After a month of this winning announcement, finally my prize arrived. Side notes: I have to pay for the deliver fees. I'm not making this a big deal, but this is something, I think shouldn't be ask by a big company. For roughly rm500 price winning, They include A toner, 4 eyeshadows, a lipstick and a mascara. Mary Quant has a well known reputation to be a good makeup brand. Mary Quant brand has been around since 1934. The founder was born in London and the creator of the whole sensational mini skirts. Hence, no doubt that everything I get is …