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{REVIEW} Fairy Beauty: Clenz ; Away your toxic & Replenish eye nutrition

Hello pretty awesome! Well, the title indeed says it all. Today is a pretty simple review on another Fairy Beauty product. You heard of Fairy Whitez? If you don't, you're just click away from my review. But today, is totally different. Clenz is a drink that focuses more to health part.
Effective weight-loss on the first intake of adequate nutrition.
Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty, Mina and ViVi magazines.
Fairy Beauty Clenz is manufactured using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence which is extremely easy for the body to absorb.
Our body produces toxins through its daily functions which needs to be eliminated. When these toxins are not eliminated, this will cause auto-intoxication: An increased growth in bacteria which ferments undigested food residues, turning them into compounds to reabsorbed in the body organs, liver and kidney.
10 days of consumption of Fairy Beauty Clenz will produce th…

{REVIEW} Life food by Fairy Beauty A way to a healthy body

Hello pretty awesome! How's your May? I think May is the best. There's nurses day, mother's day, teacher's day and all the wonderful day. Today is the day I share you a secret to a healthier you. Being healthy is not all about being skinny but to be healthy as well. Believe it or not, cholesterol don't just choose fat people to live on but they attack anyone they desire. Introducing another brilliant innovation by Fairy Beauty called LifeFood by Fairy Beauty.
Let me share you a story of my way to slim down. I once and still am a quite chubby girl, when I was fifteen, I decided to slim down by working out. Every morning I would go out and jog for 1hour and do 100 sit-ups a day. I would eat nothing but maggi mee and plain water. For 3months I have consistently been doing that routine and the most frustrating part was that my weight did'nt budge even a bit. I began to wonder what I did wrong. A great fitnees guru told me that in slimming down, nutrition needs to …

With Whisper & Yoga, Menstrual days gets better.

Hello pretty awesome!  I’m getting stress with all the chaos happening in life especially when you have to work all the time and leave no room for fun. Now, imagine the most stressful event happening to every girl each once every month. I bet you know what I'm talking about...Yes, it's menstrual day...having no problem with menstrual is such blessings...but as you develop stress, cramps follows you on your menstrual day.  sigh*
Now let’s see what do you have to eat when you’re having your menses?
üFood rich in omega-3 fatty acid like tuna, walnuts, flax seeds üCalcium and magnesium rich foods like Broccoli and fortified cereals üFoods rich in vitamin-C üFresh fruits üWhole grains üGreen tea, peppermint tea üDrink plenty of water
Eat that, done that…but still menstrual pain kept coming back, until Whisper has been kind enough to offer me and my sister to try out Yoga . I was at first, have doubt about this… I mean…lots of movement. Does this not cause worst on my dilemma? But well, I…

walking is good for u

hai beauty! do you know that not only hundred of expensive skincare can make u look radiance? by walking or running also can! and it is free! and its also can tone up ur body! BONUS BONUS!

how much do u invest for ur body?  the body that u gonna use for ur entire life?
Go for regular morning walks. Your skin will get its daily dose of fresh oxygen, and exercise also promotes good health and healthy skin in many ways.
walk or run for only 30 minute can give u :
It reduces your risk of dying from heart disease or strokeIt lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetesIt lowers high blood pressure (hypertension)It protects against falling and bone fractures in older adultsIt may help protect against certain types of cancer, such as breast cancerIt increases the number of calories your body uses, which helps to control your weight (see BMI Calculator to find your ideal weight)It helps control joint swelling and pain from arthritis.

Regular physic…