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Would you let your husband/bf go for Thai Massage?

Last month my bf went to Thailand with his friends, for a short vacation (not that short- I miss him everyday #clingygf), he told me that he went for a Thai massage and in my mind I was like, the girl is touching him, doing stuff, is he naked? How the girl like, etc etc. typical paranoid Liyana thinking lah. Because last time I went to Balinese massage, it was oily and such, so I thought it was the same for him

Since I was so eager to try it out, a friend of mine recommended me to go to this "Thai Paradise" which located at Pacific Regency Hotel at The heart of KL. 1st let's talk about the Hotel, 1st impression googling, the hotel look wow (google image). 1st impression presenting there, small, it looked small because everything is very near with everything, or the easy to understand word is "pack", as I walked through, I dropped by the washroom, which really wow me, the washroom is something like a vvip washroom, all is inside the room. Is just felt very fancy…

{REVIEW} Landscape Beauty Salon: 2 Hour Pampering Package

Hello pretty awesome, Happy labor day in advanced! and  for Muslims, Welcome to Rejab month. 2 months in counting before fasting month arrive. What a busy busy month. I had no time for myself, but as busy this month is, I was pretty much lucky winning prizes by Nuffnang, Kanebo, Mary Quant and also this pampering session. I take this month as my lucky month instead of April fools month. Alhamdulillah...

I really need pampering session as my body started to feel a bit rusty and old. Being all work and no play it's definitely the right time to have a body spa all to myself. Hence, yesterday I went to Landscpae beauty Salon.
Landscape Beauty Salon had been open for four years as I was told by the owner Annie. Running business for four years definitely makes me feel confident in trying out their package. The first important thing I love about this salon is their warmth welcome and services. Having issues with time and place, I had cancelled my appointment with Annie quite few times. A…