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Hello beauties, it took me forever to post this out because honestly I'm slightly disappointed getting this..I've never tried vanity trove before but I heard good reviews on I figured I would like to try them out...and what month could be better to try than Christmas month which I thought would be extra something...and as you know...I love instead of choosing what's in it...I let vanity trove to decide...So...shall we see what's in the box??

I leave no surprise element on this post because I'm quite not so happy with it...and you should know why at the end of this post ya...
Antipode Joyful hand and body lotion as I mentioned before...Got this also in a beauty box...I ♡ the smell...if you love berries smell...this would be it..the product by Skinlab is something I love...As usual, it gives you feeling of smoothness on application..
Again, something that I have got before in a beauty box...I also love this serum...but packing in a sachets is so…