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Elianto Warehouse SALES!

Hi People! It is that time of the year again! SALES! Like everywhere SALE! SALE! SALE!
Do you like Makeup? Bags? Perfume? Skincare?
if you say Yes! to all of that... you have to visit;

Elianto is having Warehouse clearance from 2 Dec 2016 until 12 Dec 2016!
I just visit there, so let the pictures and vid do the talking;

Honest review; I have never missed Elianto warehouse sales since 3 years back. Elianto warehouse Sales is actually the only sales i get excited and it have never disappoint me but this time.... the stuff is not as exciting as the past. (or is it just me getting older and matured?) But the price is the kind of price you said to yourself, it won't hurt to buy even tho its not that worth it. 
Eventho i said what i said but i end up spending total of RM85. Oh Women!
But.....It doesn't hurt that much right?
This cute perfume that get me excited! coz it came in a really cute box! and duh it's only RM25 each! you can just wrap it and give to someone. or don't…

SantaiSunday Food review: Garrett Premium Popcorn sedap giless

Dah lame giloss tak post ape2 dalam blog. Nasib baik blog ada 2 admin. Ade jugak org nk ganti time I vacay(honestly, busy with life, tapi tu nanti2 kite share) So anyway, just a simple post...nak recommend korang try Garrett Popcorn...Aritu punyela mengidam n obses nk makan popcorn ari2 , siap beli mesin popcorn maker and mushroom type popcorn seed sbb kononnya nak buat sendiri.. tapi harammm, sebulan jek die punya beriya pastu berhabuk mesin kat stor. Paling malas nak buat karamel die, asyik tak jadi je sedap dia and plus tgah diet sugar..bukan sebab malas tau..hihi

Setelah beberapa hari menjelajah cari popcorn sedap finally I can say Garrett popcorn memang sedap. Patutla ramai orang cakap sedap. Ingatkn sebab bekas je. Rasa popcorn dia yang ada pelbagai perisa memang umphhh habis,bole kencing manis pas makan. Memang cukup crunchy tapi bagi yang tak gemar makanan manis2 bole try perisa savoury dia yang cheese. Tapi bagi I the best of course yang caramel plus kacang.

Uolls datang ked…

[Event] JacknJill Roller Coaster featuring my ❤

Hi ❤
This post meant so much to me, as this is my 1st time I introduce to you guys the ❤ of my life. He have always be in my heart since forever, but life happen we went our separate ways awhile until yesterday event we meet and I guess I just the only one that still and always have this feeling towards him. So are you ready?
Meet My ❤or Mikael Adam Bin Mohd Rafee Michel Lozach or Mikael Adam Lozach or everyone know him as SonaOne.
Sorry he's mine! hahaha. Okey Serious now!
On 11 December 2016 at Capri Hotel Rooftop level 33 our favorite JacknJill Roller Coaster snackhave officially launched SonaOne as the new face for JacknJill Roller Coaster "Get Snaki'n with It'.
New Look! More Flavoursome!
Have u hear the song? If you haven't click PLAY now! NOW! NOW!
Super catchy right? 
Meet Hafiz Fly Fm, Our emcee for today. 
And all the important people behind this tasty JacknJill Roller Coaster. they event made a special surprise for my❤ i mean SonaOne as its his birthday 10…

[Event]How to be a Playboy/Playgirl

Hi ❤

Good Day!

Suprise!  I know i said that i will be posting every Wed and Thurs, but since there alot of event recently and i know you saw my insta and just can't wait to see and read all about it so i decided! I will do my best to update the next day after the event itself!

So let get started! 

So how to be a playboy/playgirl? 1st ask yourself;
Who rules the game?
Are you #KingOfTheGame or #QueenOftheGame ?
On 30 November 2016 at Zouk Club KL, Playboy fragrance just launched two most sexy fragrances for you to be on top of the seduction game. It came in 2 versions in deodorant spray and eau de toilette (EDT) for the King and ofcoz the Queen.

It was Sexiest-full(successful) launched and now you can get it at any stores and pharmacy!

Before that, lets see all the Playboy fragrance collection in store for you!
press PLAY!

The best part is for the King deodorant, just twist and spray. So no more excuse the cover is missing anymore. We Queen know how to take care of our stuff that …

[OOTD]Hijab Style for Office Wear.

Good Day! Happy OOTD day!
Honestly my office wear is also my everyday wear. I wear what i wanna wear. oh women!

Height: 156cm, Weight: 53kg
 I just seriously love to wear bootcut now. I love that i looked tall, I love that i felt tall. This is the life of a short girl. So sad.Im just a a typical short and not so skinny Malay girl with a really high hope. DRAMA.
Things i wear; Hijab - my usual place is either downtown or masjid jamek I rarely buy my hijab more than RM20. Blouse - Padini RM50 Bell Button Palazzo - insta shop @hijabista.hub New bag 'Michael Kors" so not original - Petaling Street Rm120 nego till RM60. i know you guys can't see it but im wearing my most comfortable wedges from @XESShoes
Hope you love my OOTD for today. See you on the next post? promise?
Goodbye for now. Kisses. YR

[Event] Must try Nescafe Tarik.

Good day and happy Wednesday people!

So are you a fan of mamak Nescafe Tarik? Coz if you do... Good News! Now you can get Nescafe Tarik literally anytime, anywhere and everywhere. Like Seriously. The best part is it taste exactly the same and it came in a can so convenient right?
Honestly, i tried it once and simply love it!

NOT SPONSORED! just being honest. 

oh wait!
got to say Thank you Syaza teman saya. ohh click on her name to see her beautiful blog!

Nescafe had throw us challenges to Nescafe Tarik wherever we go, and we have prove to you guys that we can. We done 6 challenges and we actually won. 1st place. yeay to my team! 

Lets meet my team mate,
from the right: Nuar, Zuan, Otemen and obviously perempuan mane tah.
Do visit these boys blog, they have way awesome blog than me. Click on their name to see their blog.
Okey before i share all the goodness, let's play a game with me while you scrolling and reading, find all the Nescafe Tarik tin can that we held and comment down b…