[Event] JacknJill Roller Coaster featuring my ❤

Hi ❤

This post meant so much to me, as this is my 1st time I introduce to you guys the ❤ of my life. He have always be in my heart since forever, but life happen we went our separate ways awhile until yesterday event we meet and I guess I just the only one that still and always have this feeling towards him. So are you ready?

Meet My ❤or Mikael Adam Bin Mohd Rafee Michel Lozach or Mikael Adam Lozach or everyone know him as SonaOne.

Sorry he's mine! hahaha. Okey Serious now!

On 11 December 2016 at Capri Hotel Rooftop level 33 our favorite JacknJill Roller Coaster snack have officially launched SonaOne as the new face for JacknJill Roller Coaster "Get Snaki'n with It'.

New Look! More Flavoursome!

Have u hear the song? If you haven't click PLAY now! NOW! NOW!

Super catchy right? 

Meet Hafiz Fly Fm, Our emcee for today. 

And all the important people behind this tasty JacknJill Roller Coaster. they event made a special surprise for my❤ i mean SonaOne as its his birthday 10 December. Happy belated birthday ❤.

not to forget my partner in crime/ my sister.

JacknJill Roller Coaster came in 3 different size and 3 delicious flavour Cheese, BBQ and Sweet & Spicy

Real Potato Yumminess!
Made from imported potatoes uniquely shaped into fun rings.

Go get it now! like seriously now!  

Fun Facts: JacknJill have been with us since 1989.

If you 1990 kids, JacknJill Roller Coaster is definitely our childhood snack! Do you remember we always put in our finger as a ring and eat it? oh memory. Good time, good snack! 

As we get older we feel like we dont like snacking anymore, but seriously guys if you tried once i bet you....
you'll be shock too. My personal favorite that leads to this is the JacknJill Roller Coaster Sweet and Spicy!

The View at Capri Hotel Rooftop is just BEAUTIFUL!

Before i signing off, just wanted to tell you that he is actually not my ❤ yet. eh. HAHAHA
Im just kidding.
"Hey that's life, flick it off if you cant take a joke" Neil Gaiman.

Till we meet again!

Goodbye for now.



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