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Hello beauties, how's your day? Today I've decided to review my Instax 7S..actually I've been having this for few years but counterplating whether to tell about it or no...but since there's so many asking me about it...I figured I should just tell about it here:) Remember that old thing? Instant Camera has been around for ages since 1960s to be exact...and Fujifilm is one of the pioneer for instant camera. Enough on the history. Basically instant camera is something you use to take picture and shazam, picture instantly ready. I bought this INSTAX 7S about 3years ago when it's still new in the market and a bit costly. Can you believe I bought it for RM230?? sigh* so much for not being patience. Mine is in blue as before there's non in pink..sob sob.. Currently there's many color available.. The size of photo for 7S is as big as credit card only.  There's also wide size of instax available by Fujifilm. 10 pcs of film cost around RM30. and various designs…

{OUTING} Malswisse Makeup Class Part 1:Skincare TIPS

Hello Beauties! Actually I'm excited to share you my day to Malswisse, School of Beauty and Wellness last year ...yah..time flies really fast..but I just had to share. I'm so blessed that I won RM600 worth of Makeup class in Malswisse FB Lucky Beauty Wheel. Along with my friend +Cindy Tong  , we had soo much fun learning. Cindy might be a pro in these makeup things but I gotta be honest, I'm acting like a kid learning how to properly cleanse my face. Sorry teacher..hihi
Meet our cute tutor for that day Miss Carmen, she looks really sweet..Somehow she's a bit 'garang' too... Here's what I learn through the first session...I will definitely share bear with me yaa.. Step by step... 1. Makeup remover The one that provided was a water based makeup remover. I honestly never ever use makeup remover before this class. I usually use baby wipes. However, Carmen says that using baby wipes will cause friction which makes your face prone to wrinkle...yik…

{REVIEW} Fairy Blossom at

Hello Beauties:) How's your CNY? Hope everything is A-OK! I would also like to wish everyone in KL, Putrajaya and Selangor, Happy Federal Territory day:D
Straight to my main review today^-^...I'm soo excited to be having the opportunity to try this product out...  Why? I heard soo many reviews from all over the net as it was great..Hence, wanna know what I think of it? Let's read:) This is Fairy Blossom made from Fairy Beauty line which believes in Homeopathic Remedies mainly uses natural ingredients.
Yes, I'm triggered to try Fairy Beauty as it promise 'Magical Results in 4 weeks! I'm also convinced that this drink is safe as all the accreditation that have been given.
FYI: Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty (女人我最大), Mina and ViVi magazines. In Fairy Beauty, there's two official and successful products available...and I bet most would know Fairy Whitez by now. Hence, I wanted t…