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{REVIEW} Landscape Beauty Salon: 2 Hour Pampering Package

Hello pretty awesome, Happy labor day in advanced! and  for Muslims, Welcome to Rejab month. 2 months in counting before fasting month arrive. What a busy busy month. I had no time for myself, but as busy this month is, I was pretty much lucky winning prizes by Nuffnang, Kanebo, Mary Quant and also this pampering session. I take this month as my lucky month instead of April fools month. Alhamdulillah...

I really need pampering session as my body started to feel a bit rusty and old. Being all work and no play it's definitely the right time to have a body spa all to myself. Hence, yesterday I went to Landscpae beauty Salon.
Landscape Beauty Salon had been open for four years as I was told by the owner Annie. Running business for four years definitely makes me feel confident in trying out their package. The first important thing I love about this salon is their warmth welcome and services. Having issues with time and place, I had cancelled my appointment with Annie quite few times. A…