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The Joy of Giving

Hello pretty awesome! You know what I love the most other than makeup? I love the feeling that I have when I see a smile on someone's face after receiving just a small portion of what I have. Call me cheesy but I guarantee you'll feel the same when you help someone. That's why my job is something that I enjoy doing everyday. It's the opportunity to help someone that gives me thrill in my field of job.

So, obviously I wanna help out when my fave community is cheering for charity. It actually does not matter whether you're rich or poor, there's something you can give to help out. So, don't just stay and do nothing when you have so much to give. And when we say giving, you don't choose who you give it to. You just give. So, come join in.
Amante Nail Spa a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair on 7th September 2014 from 10am to 6pm
In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchas…


Hello Beauties...How have you been? Have you done something great this year? It's already December and oh boy...time flies..Today is a special entry, something that dearest to my heart...and It's all about charity....Working with people, I've learn through time and experience to be more considerate, empathizes and sympathizes towards other. However, lack of time and money always constrains me to do out of my limit so I try to push myself to be involve in volunteering work especially working as a healthcare worker, you'll get chance to do community service and so on...Sadly in reality, not all healthcare worker (people around me) or even people involve in charity really meant they love contributing. It's always for something benefits themselves. How many people just happen to help strangers in need? I bet only few...Something I learn from giving is that you always gets something better in return, just that, don't expect anything from giving. The feeling when ma…