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{REVIEW}Acne solution? No appointment to see DR.PORE by Skin & Lab

Hello pretty awesome! I've been soo lazy! Lazy with everything! and it seems obvious with my pimples slash acne slash bad skin manifestation. I can't blame laziness alone as my main reason, I also had taken supplement of EPO. And I just can't believe I'm too sensitive to it and develop more hormone imbalance. It took me about a month before I realize the cause and by the time, my face was covered with a really really bad situation.
Right now, I'm on my way to curing my face. But I knew it would take forever and hope Dr Pore will help me. Anyway, let me introduce you to Dr. Pore. Yup, it's the green mask and not a real doctor..but no, not as green as in The Mask cartoon though. Raise you hand if you've seen it! If you've seen it, you probably know how this one guy change from a really shy guy and transform to a really brave, ridiculous, hilarious kind of guy when he puts on the mask.   Dr. Pore tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin and Lab will su…