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{GUIDE} When your loved ones admitted to critical ward: What to do

سَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُl Hello pretty awesome. I know it's like a non- beauty related post, but I felt like it's a good thing to share about since I got so many people asking what do they do if someone they love admitted to critical ward. I've been a nurse in critical care unit for almost 4 years and I have witness the worst case scenario even far more bizarre than what I've seen on TV. And often, when these happen to somebody you love, you felt like you can't do anything other than rely on what doctors and nurses are doing.
I have to admit to be in that position, it would be the scariest things ever. Cause you can't control everything that happens. Working everyday and seeing this situation everyday makes me felt almost normal to take care of critical patient whom probably at the end of their life. People's perception when someone admitted to ICU often the worst. They would say admitted to ICU would be a 50- 50 chance of life and…

{SECRET & TIPS} Beauty skin- care I can't live without. Rahsia kecantikan terbongkar la sangt..

Hello pretty awesome! Hope everything goes really well for you girls cause I'm hoping the same for me..
So,dulu2 kan...I had the most annoying skin problem...even so, I had it on off..but not as awful as before..Before, I would just wear heavy makeup everywhere and can't leave without it cause I hate being seen with naked face looking like a horrible scary ghost. My face are just so dull yet full of pigmentation and old acne scar which is totally hideous. After trial and error, day by day, I found out the secret in achieving fresh radiant face is totally having strict face routine. A day that I skipped my face routine, pimples starts popping up and if it's not, it's just my lucky day. Hence,  I figured that I should share my skin routine by introducing all the skin care products that I can't live without. After gathering all of my favorite, this is my most favorite and most I can't live without. Starting from cleansing to the whole night regime. And I can ensur…