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{REVIEW} CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT)

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Today is a pretty simple short post...just wanna share my thoughts on another brush of mine.
Before using Real Technique, I was stuck on using my hands for foundation application, as I was browsing through the net, I found this awesome brush sold in . As some of you might already know, the best criteria for foundation brush would be flat and made out of synthetic brush. Why flat and synthetic? Flat will make the foundation spread evenly and synthetic would enable more product to be pickup by the brush. Hence, this CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT) is just it.
CCFT is  Short handle made exactly fit to Asian hand like mine. To be exact, CCFT is only 9.5cm long which is great for gripping and travel friendly because of it's size. The weight are not so heavy which ease your way to blending process to.
It does help in shorten my time in foundation application. With one swipe you can see that there would not be any…

{REVIEW} BH COSMETICS: Take me to Brazil Palette

Hello Beauties! Have you entered my giveaway? I'm announcing soon.. It's pretty easy, all you need to do is comment why you love makeup? I really wanted to know an honest real girl to girl answers. Basically, the love for beauty has been inside us female, it's pretty much natural to love beautiful things. It's just the way we love would be different. Some love makeup and some just love fashion. Some might not love the obvious beauty. But they love inner beauty. Being calm, poise and passionate. It's all about Beauty baby! And why I love makeup? Confidence booster! Makeup doesn't have to be sexy or super seductive. Makeup is enough when you feel nice and neat. Together with great makeup, of course, your attitude need the makeup as well.
Cutting all the crap, today I'm gonna review another palette I bought. It's the BH Cosmetics: Take Me to Brazil palette. In Malaysia, BH Cometics are not available in stores. Hence we have to shop online. Thanks to my fr…

Havaianas Summer Kit

Hello pretty awesome beauties!
Have you heard of Havaianas? Havaianas was born in 1962, yes, way older than I am! The birth of this classy rice pattern foot -bed of all Havaianas was inspired by a common Japanese sandals called Zori.
Zori, in Japanese culture, is a rice straw sandal made to be worn with traditional clothing like Kimono. Taking the traditional theme on board, Havaianas have grown over years starting from Brazil and all over the world.
What better way to kick start summer with Havaianas you ask? Summer is all about the beach, sun tanning and bikinis..Well, maybe not in Malaysia...but that pretty much sums up Summer. This year, Havaianas takes usual boring flip flops to a whole new evolving level in their Summer Kit Collectible. and what better way to show off summer with pin - up girl.
Even though I'm not a dude, pin- up girls often trigger me in a way, not that way!. How they look sexy in a most poise way like Monroe and Hepburn. To be exact, Havaianas greatly and…

The Big Bad Box Sale; Book Crazies at MIECC, Mines

Hello Beauties! We just wanted to share our weekend with you girls...Facts, we love books but reading them are just too much of time consuming...but we don't think buying them is a crime right? Did you know about this book fiesta? Well, it's our pleasure to share with you girls how it is..
Big bad box sale is currently ongoing in MIECC,Mines in the area of Sri Kembangan. Before this, Bookxcess went crazy brilliant by doing 24-7 book sale, yes! books sale everyday and night for 10 days they got another genius brilliant idea by doing big box sale! What is big bad box sale? It's pretty simple. It's like a buffet. You take what you like and put it in the box and bring home. Basically, like buffet, you pay per head...the big bad box sale are paid by box. You can even use your 'Baucer Buku 1Malaysia' here. They have two box size, the small one and the large one.  The small and big size have huge different in the size but the box cost almost the same. H…