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{RECIPE} The easiest & Simplest Durian/ Any Crepe recipe

Hello pretty awesome! It's been a while since I post any recipe sharing...Since, it's Ramadhan, this is the most suitable time to share recipe so that you can make do during break fast. And you probably can figure out that I'm a dummy when it comes to cooking. So, fret not, this will be the easiest recipe ever.
Some don't use coconut milk for their crepe. But in mine, I find that it's easier to use coconut milk to get smooth texture. So, along the way I'll be sharing some tips on easier making crepe and if you have yours, do share too^-^
Here's what you need in making the crepe: 250gm of plain flour

 Normal salt
500mls of Coconut milk/ santan

2 eggs50 mls of water depending on how diluted you need the barter to be.and food coloring
Basically, blend all together and sifts the batter to get smooth texture. You're aiming for a semi-fluid texture that is not too runny or too stiff. Easy enough to transfer to a pan and to control it's flow. Yes, mind you, d…