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{REVIEW} Revolution Makeup Series; Bollywood Glam with Summer of Love (Triple Baked Bronzer)

Hello there pretty awesome! I'm excited to show you the second look cause I just love this triple baked bronzer. It's called 'Summer of Love'.
Again, Revolution has made a makeup with catchy name.
This triple baked bronzer is one of the '' range from Revolution. All in the range are shaped like heart and works like love.  I love a good bronzer! Bronzer can make your face looks define and shaped up and slim down.
Using this bronzer and Revolution's awesome metals eyeshadow (will be reviewing in separate post),
I have inspired to do a 'Bollywood Glam' look. This is because, other than contouring effect, bronzer can also help to bring out that tan glowy effect. For Bollywood Glam look, I took 'metals eyeshadow' for the center of eyelid and apply bronzer in 'E' or '3' motion (please see video 'Revolution Makeup' on my Youtube channel) and also on the nose for shaping. For lips, I've applied Red shade.
What do I think …

{REVIEW} Revolution Series; Makeup from London: 'Eyes like Angels' palette

Hello there pretty awesome!
More I love than food is makeup. So recently, I've received an email from this lovely person Christine, representative from Makeup Revolution London.
"Dear Syafiqah and Liyana,
Hello! My name is Christine White and I am the Social Media Editor for MakeupRevolutionMalaysia. I am a big makeup and beauty addict and I must say that I am a strong follower of your beauty blog. It’s so nice to see sisters with the same passion for beauty. I am really excited to write to you today to share some news which may interest you.
We at Makeup RevolutionMalaysia will be launching our cosmetics line soon, hopefully by mid November 2014; and the great news is we would like to send you a few of our product samples which we think you would really love.
Now I would like to tell you a little bit about us. Makeup Revolution was launched in London in March 2014. We are now the number 1 selling brand in Superdrug stores (similar to Watsons) in the UK. We are a brand born out …