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Hi peeps! Happy Wednesday!  So today will be review on my current fav lip matte.
If you follow me on insta I mostly wear the darker shade (milk shake), like who doesn't love milk shake right? Hahahha
Since i have both I just wanna do review on both. 

i feel like i need to mention this, i got both of this from my best friend (yayah) which by the way, she single. pm tepi klau berminat. 
oh yaa this is not original, it is just Anastasia inspire.

this is the milkshake that i was talking about. 
i feel like it look good on me as you guys can see that im not very light kinna person, im chocolate-ish or i should say im really malay. hahaha (not being racist)
as the other color,  actually the color itself is very nice, but when it is put on me it will be like.... ergghh
and i have to add some other color to make it look nicer. actually the day i take this picture i very grumpy because of the color. grumpy grumpy pon nak tngkap gmbr kn.
ohh liyana dah tahu its not good on you why the hell…