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Makeup with me! [vid]

Hi peeps!

so.... i know. its has been a while since i post a video.  please don't hate me? i was supposedly release this video long timeee ago, i don't know why i didn't. but heyy yooo.
hope you love it?

Contouring for newbie(me)

Good Day!
Hi peeps! so if you followed me on insta you definitely saw i post this picture, and if you look closely... you can see that my nose look like i just got my nose done right? coz honestly, im like any other pure malay that dont born with pointed nose. but its 2017 now, we got makeup to help us! since my 2017 resolution is to learn makeup like a pro, and i don't have a lot of it yet. so we have to get creative with whatever we have. 
Remember last time i posted a vid using this cute palette from Sephora;
So i am using the same palette, to be specific using the no 1 color to contour this not so pointed nose and this fat cheek. Don't worry about the strong color, that is why blending is very important. (speaking like a pro). Here a short vid of me doing my makeup, you can skip to the contouring part if you like too. Promise i won't take it  hardly. 😂


[WednesdayMakeup] Sephora Collection

Good Day!
Hi guys! Since tomorrow is Public Holiday! so Happy Holiday in advance!
Today will do a short review on this cute palette! This cute palette is called "hello lovely"
yes i am lovely! eh.
okey lets talk the obvious. this palette is super cute, it has 9 colours and did i mention it is super cute?
It is only RM48 at Sephora Starhills. The colours! don't u just love this kind of colours? coz i do!!! This is the kind of colour that you can wear for any occasion. 

Here the downside, i felt like some of the colour look really pretty at the palette but when you swatched, it just doesn't look like at the palette itself, and some the pigment is really sadly poor. As you can see there some colour that just does not shows. Its a bit disappointed, but hey chill laa girls, the packaging is really cute. 
Here second attempt swatches;
Still.... or is it just me too tan?  but hey i still love it! coz it too cute to not love it duhh.
You guys can also get it now! it is limi…

{Makeover & Review} 20 Color eye shadows makeup palette; Rock edgy look

Hello pretty awesome! So it's another makeover series here at And now it's turn for another one of my best friend to be conteng2 by me. This time, I'm going for extreme rock look. Her face is quite soft and cute and her skin is flawless. Hence, I decided to give her a little edge rocker girl look. The palette I'm using was the 20 color eye shadows which is all shimmers and very bright vibrant color. 
If you ask me, I'll say this is the palette if you're someone that loves the night life. This palette has every color to suits your wardrobe from Yellow tone to edgy black. Either you're going to a concert, going as a performer and then dinner. It can all be done with this palette.
For my friend's look, I choose purple tone and a bit of orange for eyes and red lips. This palette definitely can add that sexiness to your look. Like previous palette, I love the long lasting effect. It's superb pigmented and really vibrant. Of course, w…

{Makeover edition & REVIEW} 88 Color warm makeup palette; You can never go wrong

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Hope everything going exactly as you plan. I know it's frustrating sometimes when nothing going as you've planned..but hye, cheer up and just chill. Thing won't go in progress when you kept on forcing and hitting that button. Suddenly nak berfalsafah la pulak..
If you've seen and follow my Instagram, I've posted few makeup item to play with. I figured, what's playing without few friends aight? Hence, me and my best friends had a sleepover slash makeover session. I'm pretty excited to do makeover of my particular friend, Nasrah cause she never wore makeup her whole life. Well, excluded application of some face powder. I know apart from me being crazy with makeup, not all girls are into what I'm into. But surely every girl loves makeup. I just don't understands when guys says we're beautiful without it. We know we are but we love to be seen proper and well trimmed as how you do your hair. This is how we d…

{REVIEW} BH COSMETICS: Take me to Brazil Palette

Hello Beauties! Have you entered my giveaway? I'm announcing soon.. It's pretty easy, all you need to do is comment why you love makeup? I really wanted to know an honest real girl to girl answers. Basically, the love for beauty has been inside us female, it's pretty much natural to love beautiful things. It's just the way we love would be different. Some love makeup and some just love fashion. Some might not love the obvious beauty. But they love inner beauty. Being calm, poise and passionate. It's all about Beauty baby! And why I love makeup? Confidence booster! Makeup doesn't have to be sexy or super seductive. Makeup is enough when you feel nice and neat. Together with great makeup, of course, your attitude need the makeup as well.
Cutting all the crap, today I'm gonna review another palette I bought. It's the BH Cosmetics: Take Me to Brazil palette. In Malaysia, BH Cometics are not available in stores. Hence we have to shop online. Thanks to my fr…

{REVIEW} Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

Hello beauties, as promised, I wanna post a review on this palette....Some of you girls might know that I got this as a bday present from my lil sis...Thanks sis! This palette has been on my wishlist since going to Sephora because it has everything I ever wanted...a little of everything for your face...weee...

Wanna know is it good or is it not? Be sure to wait till the end.
Basically, the Sephora Makeup Palette are as big as a novel but as light as a paper bag kot...worth RM150++ at any Sephora boutique...Upon your purchase you could also get Sephora White member card..infact any of your purchase will entitle you to Sephora White card..The box are just a simple black box design with some makeup looks ideas printed on it. As you open, there's a fold in mirror and design stairs of every color you could wish for. There are : 72 eye shadows 1 lip primer 28 lip glosses 18 eye liners 3 concealers 7 blushes and 1 eye primer...
phew...a lot to take in right? it's a total of 130 palet…