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Hello beautiful people:) It's been a while.....
but, thank you for still dropping in...I've been caught up with work that I sometimes forget that I'm now a beauty blogger and should devoted my selves in doing so..

Last month I've received a big beauty box from In that box I got three amazing beauty products that I've been using and reviewing. Do check it out if you're curious>>

and today is the last special item that I would like to review, It took me a long time to be reviewing this as I figured I would give this products a little bit of time for me to give my honest opinion on it. And tadaa.. I'm already half way using this. So I think I should be able to give my truthful opinion.



After 3 moth of using FLAWLESS SET the result is amazing!  People ask me all kind of question like "putihnya yana sekarang, pkai ape" "you are getting whiter, what are u using?" So i am so happy to share and tell to u guys, That i am wearing FLAWLESS SET and i am also OFFICIALLY selling it also! So if u guys wanted to try u can contact me thro  my twitter @yanarusli or just simply whatsapp me at 0167226960
The left picture is 3month before im wearing FLAWLESS SET and the right is 3month after.  A big difference right? Both picture is non-edit and both picture is taken from iphone 5. 
The result is actually as fast as 1 week, mybe on the next entry i will share to u guys on my progression. Insyaallah!
So contact me if u wan to try! Happy trying guys!  Xoxo  Y

check out my last post about flawless set

Small n Hot giveaway Extravaganza!

Hello beautiful people :)
Just a really really quick post :)

There's a giveaway going on at

I'm posting this because it's a big one!
Prizes include..

1 x Goodies from Etude House 1 x SEQOCI dress of your choice 1 x L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil 1 x Customizable Vanity Trove 1 x Complimentary Dining Experience at Big Chomp Burger
3 x Mystery Prizes

Don't you just drool knowing the prizes?

Head over to :
Hoping I'll win:) though chances are in million years as I'm not known as luckiest person in giveaway...but I never gIve up trying..And you should too , because Winner are not quitter :)