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{REVIEW & SELLING} Soap that gives me miracle?? The Alpha Arbutin Soap Double by Labdee. Memang berkesan xtipu

Hello pretty awesome! Happy Friday! Yeay..It's already coming to weekend I swear time passed by so fast and faster...don't you think so??
Yesterday, I shared on how I encounter the pimples manifestation and today, I would love to share with you, my lovely reader and friends the cleanser I use ( as you already read on title). Honestly, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 'online product' 'Thailand product' and stuff. You know how they produce something in large quantity and so many fakes out there. But one month ago, I was soo desperate on healing my hideous- hideous scar that suddenly I decided to try this Labdee; Thailand Alpha Arbutin Soap dengan terbuka hati..(padahal xtahan tgok kotak die yg color pink and comel)
Alhamdulillah after one month, I'm happy to say that it works on me quite well. On the left is a photo of me on my first week of using the soap and the right is a month and so using the soap. I didn't have a photo of me before using …

{REVIEW AND COMPARE} NexCare Acne Patch and MiaCare Acne Patch which I think is better?PS: Gross pictures inside

Hello pretty awesome..Recently I've been suffering a lot from pimples infestation. I'm not sure what did I do wrong to have so many growing on my face. Personally, as I learn through experience, my pimples start popping up when I'm having my menses probably because of hormone imbalance. Or when I work night shift, when I'm sleep and when I don't properly wash my makeup. Some says that if you eat a lot of chocolate and nuts, you're prone to acne. It's actually kind of a myth but in reality it's sometimes true for some. I'm still lucky that I don't get any when I eat chocolate. I would be devastated to not be able to eat chocolate for beauty reason.
Well, the reason behinds acne growing would be different in all of us but the most hated part of having acne is that black dark acne marks you'll get after your acne have been gone. It frustrating to see that acne marks on my face and it's lot. However, I found a solution to these which I will…

{Event} Nuffnang Raya 2014 @ Wanaka The Bungalow, Damansara Heights

Hello pretty awesome! If you followed me on IG, you would know that I participated in the #NNRaya where you get the chance to Raya- ing with all the Nuffnangers and of course, all the awesome collaborated partner for that Raya event like AmbiPur, Carama Castrol, Humble Beginnings, Doof Industries, WOW Photobooth and especially UMobile. source
Well, if you've seen the poster, you will be as excited as me cause it's so graphically cute. Sadly, I did not have much photo taken because I came with my mom and we're like hoping to one open house to another. As you already know, 23rd August was like the last weekend of Raya and to fulfill all the invitations, we have to shorten the length of raya- ing in one house. Skipping that sad part, I had undeniably awesome Raya with my mom and Nuffnang ok! Who said mom can't be your best girlfriend??
Arriving at Wanaka, the first thing we see is all the decoration they had in and out. It was the perfect weather too to strike a pose and …