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Beauty Swap: A way to let your vanity travel and How- to guide

Hello pretty awesome!

 I always often dream of doing a beauty swap since I saw in you tube how fun they were. You know I don't get to travel as much as I wish too. So thank you technology that enable me to do beauty swap. I know some of you might not even know what beauty swap is..So let me introduce beauty swap to you first.
Swap is basically like a 'barter' system where you swap your things with someone else. A great even ethical swap should be same in quality and value. In beauty world, we girls or gay guys or guys swap beauty stuff with a corresponding person. A corresponding person can be your friend, your family, a stranger and anybody. Usually, we do beauty swap with a person that lives different country to enable us to discover beauty products from another country. It can be a country that far apart from each other or in your own region. The main concern in doing beauty swap would be the budget and finding legit non- scamming swap partner.
Thanks to my friend Cind…

Fun Sunday Outing @ Big Chomp Burger story/ review/ everything else :)

Hello beauties!! Happy Sunday! Isn't it a nice day for an outing?
Look at the blue blue sky...Wish everyday was like this minus the hotness humid weather though...Recently, I had enter a giveaway by &
They held such a massive giveaway that I couldn't resist to give it a try...and well, I won...yeay!although it's only a mystery gift,  It was a lucky day for me because I am always unlucky with giveaway contest,but I guess it's changing:)

In order to claim my prize, I have to be in an awesome event that they are hosting today at Big Chomp Burger. It was a yummy yummy burger place! Big Chomp Burger is at No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia opening from 12pm to 12am you guys!! A little about Big Chomp Burger: the restaurant was quite small but soo's really welcoming and comfortable. You can see at every corner there would be a creative wall collage and stuff. The staff working …

Perfect shading, highlighting and blushering for ur gorgeous face with Etude House:Golden Ratio contour maker!(REVIEW)

Hello beautiful peoples <3

Like always, Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandri, and Xie xie for taking ur time to read my post...please take ur time to follow me and do leave ur email /blog address for me to follow u back :)

Just the other day, I bought some Etude House product which I just love love love,

So went to Mines Shopping Mall to have a visit on Etude House Shop for my shopping therapy session and I just can't resist to bought few other things from Etude House.
I just wish there is an Etude House Online Shop available in Malaysia.

Anyway, FYI 'Etude' was inspired by Polish Composer Frederic Chopin's studies for the piano. Etude mission in branding is to beautify young women through lovely products and friendly counselling.
Hence, no wonder the products are just adorably cute.

What I really want to focused on, is,beautifying ur face, where to apply ur highlights, ur bronzer and  ur blusher. I was so into shading since I've stumble upon one of my favorite vlogg…

My Qoo10 online shop review & some Eid Mubarak late entry

Assalammualaikum W.B.T♥
Selamat Hari Raya. How's your Raya?

This year, I've celebrate with simplicity as I was working on the Raya Day. However, just wanna share few Raya things that I've been doing.

Meet my siblings, instead of balik kampung we went for the mall.
In the morning, we were able to visit my late granma grave,
I never met my grandma.She died at young age. But please send Al-Fatihah to her....

Even though my Raya was just plain I was happy.

My Raya looks was inspired by Hijabista Raya Edition

which I've reuse old wardrobe add some laces to it .
The baju kurung is an old baju kurung that my aunt gave me, it fits me well but I just make it shorter and add lace. Lace cost me about RM25 per meter. And I match it with a kind of mermaid umbrella skirt (not sure the exact names are) which is RM30.

The second looks is a purple peplum dress RM15. Just a lycra kind of fabric, (if I'm not mistaken,) and match it with the same kind of skirt as the first look,with adorable …