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LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mak

hai pretty! 
Ever since i started my practical at SKSA, everyday is a tanning day. Even if i don't want it. 80 days there, 80 days i never wanted a tanning day.  But im not the type that care so much to avoid sun. I never think that a 5 minutes walk from class to teacher room can give me tanned skin. But if everyday 5 minute tanned for 80 days, so..... The last day of school is the worst of it all.  Sports Day. At UPM. Back from Sport day,  my face...... burn baby burn! and the tiredness of school and work load are just obviously shown on my face. 
Lucky, i got livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask to the rescue! What is livYoung? Who is livYoung? livYoung is a company that offer from health food to skin care you name it. what is good for you livYoung has it. Dafi is the official JEFI & livYoung's Corporate Ambassador. so do you wan to LiYoung? visit their website to know more maybe? @
okay back to the livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask it isenriched…

{REVIEW}Acne solution? No appointment to see DR.PORE by Skin & Lab

Hello pretty awesome! I've been soo lazy! Lazy with everything! and it seems obvious with my pimples slash acne slash bad skin manifestation. I can't blame laziness alone as my main reason, I also had taken supplement of EPO. And I just can't believe I'm too sensitive to it and develop more hormone imbalance. It took me about a month before I realize the cause and by the time, my face was covered with a really really bad situation.
Right now, I'm on my way to curing my face. But I knew it would take forever and hope Dr Pore will help me. Anyway, let me introduce you to Dr. Pore. Yup, it's the green mask and not a real doctor..but no, not as green as in The Mask cartoon though. Raise you hand if you've seen it! If you've seen it, you probably know how this one guy change from a really shy guy and transform to a really brave, ridiculous, hilarious kind of guy when he puts on the mask.   Dr. Pore tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin and Lab will su…

{REVIEW} Wear it cold or warm Collagen gel mask from snail

Hi B E A U T Y!
Snail Collagen Gel Mask is a mask for anti-aging, anti wrinkle and also skin revitalize.
How to Use:  Thoroughly clean and dry your face before applying. Lie back and relax for 30 minutes after applying the collagen. Remove the gel with water. Cream or lotion can be followed if desired.  For cool facial spa treatment, refrigerate the gel until ready to use.  For warm facial spa treatment, place the gel in warm water for 2-3 minutes prior to opening.
Recently, I went to Singapore for a short get a way. and a lot of photographing going on and on

 It was fun! Singapore is fun, clean, but really expensive. Actually the stuff there is in reasonable price, but as Malaysian, you have to convert to their money. so ya it is expensive. I travel by MRT and walk.Non stop walking yes ! It is very tiring. my face show it all. I would show it to you but I'm scared you would be so scare to see it. But thanks to Snail Collagen Gel Mask. It help a lot by revive my skin and make me lo…

{REVIEW} Yummy chocolate for your face

Well, hello there pretty awesome! Salam.
I've been dying to review this for the longest time cause this is like my favorite type of sweets in the world.  Guess what? It's chocolate..  If you were to choose only one sweets to exist in the world would it be chocolate? Cause it would be my choice.
So here,s a fun mask that for all chocolate lovers. Another Korean most talk about beauty product called
Zamian Gold Cacao Mask. Yup, you heard me Gold and Chocolate all in one mask. Yummy right? Contain 99.9 gold powder,aloe extract, cacao powder, collagen. I can't tell you how amazed I knowing the ingredients inside. The combination of gold and chocolate makes me excite even my sister and mom gets excite and we had a little facial party using this mask. When it spreads you can see that gold shimmery mix with chocolate.
How to?
Put a good amount of chocolate on the back of your palm. Sorry for that sleepy face.
 Use hands or brush to spread it out.
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes while doin…

A mask G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y by Hishop!!!

Hello beauties! How's your Monday?? Please don't feel like having Monday positive of all your days and all the positive of it will come your way.. Today I'm so  happy to be hosting my first ever giveaway..Hopefully you girls came here to participate and if you win it, do share with me your experience on it because I love to hear feedback from you guys..

Before I get to the giveaway part...I would like to review the fantastic mask that I got and hopefully you'll get to try it as well! Lately I've been face masking every night since I bought mask that day'm not sure it's a good thing but I just love when you have a fresher face in the morning, I do see improvement on my face where it becomes smoother and brighter too...It's something amazing because I used to get a dry dull face in the morning but it changed a lot. So, I really really recommended for you girls to try out masking routin…

September Massive Haul!!

Hello beautiful :) It's been a while like usual...and it's almost at the end of the month.
Hence, I figured I'm going to do a massive haul of what I bought throughout September.

Most of the things I bought was kind of a splurge kind of things instead of needs. :) But I'm happy, and that's all matter to me.
This month I think I'm a bit overspending on things that I don't really need but I promise myself to save money the next month...Hopefully I have the strength and will to do so...Since petrol price are going up like crazy what could be more better than to save your money :)
Sometimes I think I'm a shopaholic and I'm scared that I can't control myself to not spend too much on items that are just not worth buying.

Since I already did it...I would like to share with you what I bought this month with no shame and slash a review on some item and some of it will be reviewed on the next post :). and PS :some of it was my mom who 'belanja'. th…