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4u2 Envy Halo Concealer and Highlighter

Hello beauties, today short post is review on a new concealer I bought in Concealer is an important makeup component to hide all the ugliness on your face especially your redness and acne scar.
The concealer I decided to try on this time is by 4U2 Envy line called Halo.
The best thing about Halo is that it came with Highlighter on top which is pretty much a great deal. To compare, I have smudge the concealer on my hand alongside with two other brand concealer. This concealer is not too liquid or too creamy. The consistency are just right and easy to apply. I has medium coverage which to me is good for a day outing so it seems natural but not for photo shooting. As your can see a bit of flaws applying this concealer.
Worth RM23.90 is a great deal as it also include highlighter. Doesn't last for long period of makeup time. Easily crease over time. However, it is suitable for someone whom like to try concealer for the first time.
Click on the link to purchase now! http://ww…

September Massive Haul!!

Hello beautiful :) It's been a while like usual...and it's almost at the end of the month.
Hence, I figured I'm going to do a massive haul of what I bought throughout September.

Most of the things I bought was kind of a splurge kind of things instead of needs. :) But I'm happy, and that's all matter to me.
This month I think I'm a bit overspending on things that I don't really need but I promise myself to save money the next month...Hopefully I have the strength and will to do so...Since petrol price are going up like crazy what could be more better than to save your money :)
Sometimes I think I'm a shopaholic and I'm scared that I can't control myself to not spend too much on items that are just not worth buying.

Since I already did it...I would like to share with you what I bought this month with no shame and slash a review on some item and some of it will be reviewed on the next post :). and PS :some of it was my mom who 'belanja'. th…

Perfect shading, highlighting and blushering for ur gorgeous face with Etude House:Golden Ratio contour maker!(REVIEW)

Hello beautiful peoples <3

Like always, Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandri, and Xie xie for taking ur time to read my post...please take ur time to follow me and do leave ur email /blog address for me to follow u back :)

Just the other day, I bought some Etude House product which I just love love love,

So went to Mines Shopping Mall to have a visit on Etude House Shop for my shopping therapy session and I just can't resist to bought few other things from Etude House.
I just wish there is an Etude House Online Shop available in Malaysia.

Anyway, FYI 'Etude' was inspired by Polish Composer Frederic Chopin's studies for the piano. Etude mission in branding is to beautify young women through lovely products and friendly counselling.
Hence, no wonder the products are just adorably cute.

What I really want to focused on, is,beautifying ur face, where to apply ur highlights, ur bronzer and  ur blusher. I was so into shading since I've stumble upon one of my favorite vlogg…