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Muffin for beauty lover to get reward

Hi, recently I dapat beauty box from atau web add nye dalam tu macam2 ada waiting for me to biasela...dalam keadaan super busy nk kawin ni, it would take ages for me to review them all. However, just wanted to let them know that I totally appreciate what they've sent to me...memang seronok everytime dpt barang2 kecantikan..
Nak bagitau...kalau you girls suka jugak dpt brg kecantikan and rajin review beauty product bolehlah sign up kat web perlu ada blog..just tulis dalam tu je...and the best part about it is that korang akan dapat points..kumpul points dan tebus barang2 kecantikan for free. Muffin online ni is a quite renown web jugak so ramai brand2 awesome participate meaning the higher chance korang dapat makeup2 dari brand2 yang selama ini korang idamkn.
Tryla usha nanti eh..

As easy as Hisop ;)

Hi beauty bloggers,
This is my second entry!
You can definitely check up my first love Hishop entry
I'm soo excited as they offering 30 luckiest Hishop Beauty Ambassadors to have a chance to win a beauty box!!
So, beautiful Hishop Beauty Ambassadors, Let's make a fabulous Hishop entry!!.
My entry today, is mainly for beginners whom interested to shop in Hishop. You won't regret shopping there.

First step, go to

Click sign-up

Fill up field required. Including your addresses.
When filling up, make sure the information is correct.
It is easy as you only need to fill your address once time and when you've made purchase, it's already filled for you ;)

Do you know that Hishop offers you FREE DELIVERY for purchase above RM50? Yes it's true! and also are you from out of Malaysia? Don't worry, Hishop also offer INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY. Worried about undelivered package? You can also d…