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Iftar with the Bloggers at #siakappadu Restaurant Emak Engku

Last Thursday i got to attend the 'it' event for blogger. The Iftar with the bloggers by Hai Blogger community! Not only i got to meet the person behind all the beautiful words on the internet, i also got to meet some entrepreneur and singer. 

Hai Blogger is actually an active community in Malaysia, and Iftar with bloggers have been a continuous event for every Ramadan. This year marks the 4th year for Hai Blogger organize for all the blogger to be together and celebrate breaking fast together.

The influence meet the blogger be like "this is the people behind words at the internet" and we be like "suddenly bird and all kind of insect passed by... *krik krik* "
Fyi, we blogger is very shy taw. Get to know us 1st personally than only we allow you to see our craziness.

Ohh not to forget! The best part...... the food! We are so lucky to eat at Restaurants Emak Engku that is famous with the tagline #siakappadu after the Siakap Stim Limau there was viral by the peopl…

[Food Review] Zomato @ Rondaevoo Coffe Dining have the best-est food!

Hi Food Lover!
I start with this picture because i am seriously craving this! you know that food it really good when you crave for it like a crazy women i am.
Wait! before i start, let me ask you, are you a fan of Roti Boy? like me? coz if you do, you definitely know that Roti Boy produce the best food, i mean bun. You just know whatever they make it is just food from heaven.
So guess what? now, instead of just bun, you can eat a full meal at Rondaevoo Coffee Dining they have the same boss equal to same quality food which mean foooooood from heaven!
So they asked, why Rondaevoo? Rondaevoo  is a French way to say "meeting" or "date." So go ahead and call your next lunch date with friends a rondaevoo.
so, let's rondaevoo at rondaevoo?(don't know if it's the right way of saying it or not)
Let's take a look at the menu;

Have you ever experience going to a new restaurant and you just don't know what to try coz there is just too many options, so you …

PKNS Bangi Food Truck!

Hi Food Lover!
This week had been super tiring. Had to run to Bangi to KL to Cheras and to his heart lagi. Eh.
The month of December i'll be at PKNS Bangi to take care of the English booth. Oh yaa Hi Bangi people! We are doing English Program for Primary, Secondary and also Adult, If you are interested come and join us with minimum deposit of RM50 only! Yeay? Nay? Let's decide together at the booth? Out booth just in front of the KFC. Come say hi!
Let's get to the point! I know nowadays theres alot of Food Truck hangout place like Tapak Urban Street Dining whice have been viral at instagram and everyone just want to hangout there. Since i been at Bangi these past 2 to 3 days i just know that Bangi also have Food Truck hangout place, which kinna make me excited to share with u guyss!

Come laa visit and hangout with me?

Happy weekend!

[FOOD REVIEW] Tony Roma's

Hi Food Lover!

Yesterday I went to Pavilion, KL to just do some window shopping as its already started YES (Year End Sales). However as we walk we felt hungry, HE felt hungry. I dont eat that much at night. As we walk thro the food court, we passed by Tony Roma's. He like jom? I stop and just walkin directly coz i remember last time i ate there, the service is so nice. It make u feel as u are eating at a 5 ✨ hotel.
Last time i ate rib which cost me RM60++ just for one meal. But the service is 👍🏼. They put napkin for you. Provide you wet tissue before you leave. Just felt so special.
So today i thought like hey i should do a simple review, maybe you always wanted to try but scare for some reason. So not to worry! Liyana is here!

This time no napkin, no wet tissue but what make me felt so "awwwwwh" i was busy being the typical blogger taking pictures of the food and suddenly the waiter came and rearranging the stuff at the table so it look clean and nice for a photo. He …