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[Event] High Tea Workshop!

Good Day!
Hi guys!
I know!!!!!!!! I didn't post since forever already..... 2017 came and i like i wasn't ready, but 2017 have been really nice to me, I been to a short getaway to Cameron, watch plenty of Korean Drama, when to this lovely High Tea Workshop...

It was organise by
Let's get to know a bit about first okey?
Keppo is website that keppo about all kind of food from Halal, Non-Halal and Pork Free! So if going out for food and beverage and just need abit of push and reviews from others, u cant just go to and read all the reviews!
why name K = Knowing, E = Every, P = People, P = Particular, O = Object & MY = Malaysia. It's Indonesian slang, which is comes from Hokkien language (usually used by some communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) and then become a loanword in Singlish (Singaporean-English)
"Kappo" which means "really curious" defines a condition when a person is want to know about everyt…

Benefit Cosmetics Workshop with Jasmine: They're Real Push- up Liner: Liner Mata yang best untuk yang tak reti makeup

Hello pretty awesome! Best tak title post kte? Last Friday, thanks to my dearest blogger friend, I was able to attend Makeup Workshop by Benefit. FYI: Most makeup workshop doesn't require you girls to be a blogger to attend the workshop. All you have to do is be alert and  'rajin' to discover about it. Apparently, this workshop was announced on their IG and my friend Putri was quick enough to grab a seat. 
And I'm soo glad that she's a true friend for inviting me to have fun with her. And when I heard it's Benefit, I would just say Yes without pause and without but. To me, Benefit is like a bit of high end brand that I could barely afford and my ultimate favorite especially in terms of packaging. How could I say no?
Even the boutique is too cute for me to resist. From afar you could see the pink cotton candy layout that makes you feel like being in amusement park full of makeups. See my previous post on Benefits boutique.
That was like my dream store. As for t…


Hello Beauties! Happy Tuesday^-^
I've been over the moon for this past few days as one of my wish list came true. After Benefits workshop, I once again had the chance to join in another makeup brand on their workshop day. Thanks to +Sabrina Tajudin also for the introduction to Joyce, MUFE representative. So sad though that Sab couldn't tag along.
I've been contacted by Joyce, and I figured, I should also invite my sissy and Cindy if possible. And how courteous Joyce is that she welcome us all. It's totally a girl's day out! Meet Stanley Wong, his pretty much the uber man in Make Up For Ever. He's the MUFE Brand Manager. We had our workshop in Starhill, Sephora. Just the best place you could ever be. According to Stanley, MUFE is No.1 in Sephora in few key markets. Of course, I expect MUFE to be famous. But NO.1?? wow! I was so happy to hear that and so proud to be in the workshop.  After a few words of introduction by Stanley, he passed over the stage to Jason…

Talika Beauty Secrets workshop day in conjunction with Vanity Trove (Cindy'sPlanet giveaway prize)!

Hello beauties! It's Saturday and you know what? It's the Christmas potluck day for the butterflies...Sadly...I have a wedding to attend...sob sob...I love meeting with the butterflies...It's where everything I love collides...Lovely event, nice place, beautiful scene and friendly people...but hye...hopefully I get to meet them again soon... Today I wanna tell you about my day attending the Talika Beauty Secrets Workshop, all thanks to Cindy's Planet for the awesome giveaway!! Yeaya..
I'm glad that my effort to blog about it paid off and I got pick to win this! I mean.. who would want to miss the opportunity to join in the fun? Plus, I also get to have my own Talika's Vanity Trove! We, in front of Talika's in Isetan 1Utama. Thank you +Cindy Tong   for choosing me as the winner! I'm so happy that I get to go with her. She's friendly, so it's really easy for a shy girl like me to get along with her.
So, as we arrived at Gino Cafe near Talika'…