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Bag of Love, Love is in the...bag, Anniversary bag 2014 + Men's edition BOL

Hello Beauty! Happy SUNDAY! I bet everyone is having the time of their life.Not for me though..No no..I'm working again..It's tiring...but when you came home and found a lovely package containing beauty goodies, your tiredness straight away went away and excitement strikes in.

I felt like this week has been a lucky week...having so many beauty products came's my love to love!
Before I continue on my haul of Bag Of Love, I wanna say...thank a lot lot lot lot of lemons for choosing me as the winner of Bag Of Love JAN, FEB, MARCH and Men's Bag! I just can't get enough of it....You probably know by now my obsession towards Bag of Love are to the extend of buying in 'pokai' bankrupt mode. Yes, I am that kind of girl...SHOPAHOLICS. So as I got extra bag, I am currently still contemplating whether to give it to my sis, or make a giveaway or add as a beauty swap...decisions decisions..
Oh well, let just move on...This month's bag is super special as all…

{RANDOM}Top 5 presents to give a guy for birthday.

Hello beauties! I'm not pretty sure if I I'm a guy expert...but being with a guy for nine whole years gives me pretty rough ideas on what to buy that guy for his bday. Moreover, I have two bros whose don't have girlfriend yet which makes it more annoying that you think long and hard what to buy them but instead...on your bday, even a wish is hard to get. Guys can be so insensitive sometimes..but I do love them though..they just don't take special occasion as a day to give..they give whenever they feel like giving.
Here's a rough idea to give a guy but may I remind you this idea mainly for a low maintenance kind of guy. I really think buying for a high maintenance guy could be easier. Give them some Hillfiger or Burberry they'll be happy. But not for my kind of guy. Money is nothing. Purpose is everything for them. As for me I don't mind getting sweet notes which plays no purpose in my daily life but the thoughts that count. It's totally opposite for gu…