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Ninetology Plane Livery Campaign; Ninetology fly high with Qualcomm

Hello pretty awesome! I bet by now everyone would know what is Ninetology aight? Either you're lying that you don't or you're just not updated enough to know about it. Now there, let me again, briefly introduce you on Ninetology. Ninetology is an ASEAN mobile device technology company.  We are strongly driven by our attitude towards progress and we strive for phenomenal growth as we move forward.  We take pride in being on par with global technology and renowned international standards, and being meticulous with details, art and beauty. Inspired by the bold and fast-paced lifestyles, Ninetology products are empowered by today’s solutions for practicality and functionality.  
Then what's Qualcomm? A world leader in smart mobile technologies, Qualcomm Mobile & Computing (QMC), a business unit of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., offers complete solutions that enable continuous innovation for today’s smart connected devices. Our vast expertise in wireless technology, combined…

Part 2: XES Signature Exclusive preview at MISF 2014

Hello Pretty awesome! How's your day? I bet everyone is already having TGIF moment...How time flies....Last Friday, we had loads of fun in MISF...The main reason we're there is because of XES Signature Shoe preview. How obsess are you with shoes?  We are over obsess. Shoes and girls are just totally related.  Thanks to Sabrina from XES that invited us to the preview, we are over the moon that we get to feed our obsession.
Some may not know XES, Hence let us introduce you to XES. XES was established in 2002. We honestly not familiar with the brand at that time. However, I was told that XES has been well known ever since. In 2014, they revamped and introduced a new tagline, "Superior Comfort for Happy Feet", the new tagline is committed to creating happy feet by indicative of the warm and comfortable features. Aside from comfy shoes, we just love that the brand also take in count the price range which need to be affordable. So are you excited to know what kind of sho…