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Stay Beautiful and Read on :Bag of Love

Hello pretty awesome..arggghhh I've been left behind... I should have done this entry a month ago..but just plain busy...Soon as I got the bag, I went to Krabi for holiday (wait for special entry) and of course, just had to bring the bag along. How convenience it is? So stylish yet functional. Me likee... Inside, as you can see...I'm not sure how to react...I thought when they say they's going to do once every 2months it's going to be extra special and phenomenal. But well, how can you expect the price to stay the same and wanting more.
Let's cut to the chase and reveal all. Does this screams beauty and brains? I just think the bag resembles brains but otherwise, it's pretty much on beauty.
The first one you'll see is CK One Red for Her Body Wash Smells like the perfume indeed, it's just a travel size. This body wash is a gel type. I don't think it's moisturizing but if you want to smell great, this body wash would be it.
They also included som…

Bag of Love, Love is in the...bag, Anniversary bag 2014 + Men's edition BOL

Hello Beauty! Happy SUNDAY! I bet everyone is having the time of their life.Not for me though..No no..I'm working again..It's tiring...but when you came home and found a lovely package containing beauty goodies, your tiredness straight away went away and excitement strikes in.

I felt like this week has been a lucky week...having so many beauty products came's my love to love!
Before I continue on my haul of Bag Of Love, I wanna say...thank a lot lot lot lot of lemons for choosing me as the winner of Bag Of Love JAN, FEB, MARCH and Men's Bag! I just can't get enough of it....You probably know by now my obsession towards Bag of Love are to the extend of buying in 'pokai' bankrupt mode. Yes, I am that kind of girl...SHOPAHOLICS. So as I got extra bag, I am currently still contemplating whether to give it to my sis, or make a giveaway or add as a beauty swap...decisions decisions..
Oh well, let just move on...This month's bag is super special as all…


Hello Beauties! It's February and yeah...I've been meaning to share with you girls what's inside the bag of Love for the first year of 2014.....but time and me are just two separate things that just don't get along...
Let's just move on...of course the theme are just something expected... Could you expect? It's New Year, New You Let's see if the theme suits with what they're put in the bag.. Just for fun...No, minion are not included. Totally something new in the bag, it's for guy. Bravo for the unexpected. Uber-men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect. Honestly, I didn't even know the existence of this great cleanser! I mean guys are just lazy, smart act that makes company like Uber-men to invent such easy cleanser with toner. I don't think a female cleanser exist as easy as this one. It's Halal, it says that it's suppose to be gentle and mild with mixed fruit extracts, AA2G and Pure Aloe Vera. If it's mild and gentle? I gue…

bag of love! DEC!

hello my dearbeautiful reader! so how ur holiday? just okey? exciting? or just simply exhausting like mine? even though it is my semester break, i still have to work at my last work place. because they miss me too much. or as they said "they are short of staff?"  knowing they miss me too much, i have to work. because the doc himself personally call and ask for me to come to work. 
enough about my boring life. so i just got my 1st bag of love!!! yeyyy! for me <3 and kakak ask me to do the review for this dec bag. so i cant say no to her. but i do it my way. since i love to do everything in video form. and instagram video is so amazing so.... this entry will be full with video!  u can also follow me on instagram at @yanarusli i just love update everything there.

okey first thing first! dont u think this december bag is super duper gorgeous?  at first i am sad because i miss the november bag, but after Miss A post the bag for the dec, i just cant wait to receive it. i also …

Bag Of Love Busy Bees edition Nov 13!

Hello beauties! It's November! and it's going to be 2014 soon...I didn't even had any resolution completed and yet I feel blessed that suddenly I have been inspired to blog...I always love documenting my life...but never thought blogging would be it...
Moving right along...I have the BOL(Bag of Love)!! and this month BOL sells like hot cake like they always do! because of the bag and the what's going to be inside..This month BOL decided to go with the theme BUSY- BEES and I just loveee the bag design, when it arrived my mom had set her eyes on the bag...because she love it soo much I decided to give it to her though I love the bag too but because beauty is all about sharing , I just had to let it go...and furthermore, Busy Bees theme suits her well as she works, she cooks and she takes care of us even though I am already big enough...It's kinda nice to have someone looks after me;) Thank you mummy..

Presenting...the one and only BOL!!
Tadaaa!! Suit…