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{REVIEW} Mary Quant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara in Laurel Green

Hello pretty awesome! It's another review post:) I know I've been telling you girls many times about my Mary Quant price winning from Vanity Trove because honestly, I'm not the luckiest girl ever. But this winning is totally my luck because all I have to do was comment once and magically, I'm the one and only winner. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bragging, but it's true that I seldom have luck in winning stuff:( After a month of this winning announcement, finally my prize arrived. Side notes: I have to pay for the deliver fees. I'm not making this a big deal, but this is something, I think shouldn't be ask by a big company. For roughly rm500 price winning, They include A toner, 4 eyeshadows, a lipstick and a mascara. Mary Quant has a well known reputation to be a good makeup brand. Mary Quant brand has been around since 1934. The founder was born in London and the creator of the whole sensational mini skirts. Hence, no doubt that everything I get is …

{REVIEW} LASplash Cosmetics: Chubby Twist; Auto Matted Lipstick

Hello pretty awesome! Remember my latest haul?  I'm still drafting on the airbrush post. But, it's going to be out soon!  Today, let me introduce you to LASplash Cosmetics's Chubby Twist; an Auto Matted Lipstick. Honestly, I never heard of LaSplash cosmetics before. Have you heard of it? As I mentioned before, MySale is constantly selling stuff from overseas that are amazingly at great bargain price. As I was browsing through, I find that this set of chubby twist is extremely tempting especially the cost. So, I decided to give it a go. Let's keep the price a secret for a while. After ordering this from MySale through a good friend of mine,this lipstick arrive safely after a month all the way from US via Australia. The set came with 4 shades of chubby twist. Each with similar shape and size. The size are the same as any other lip balm stick. The shade that they include inside are almost alike. As I recalled, there are two sets of this chubby twist available. But all to…


Hello pretty awesome, this is a pretty simple review for a pretty simple day. Few days ago, I had posted an entry about my first beauty swap. Yes!!! It was ah-mazing..and one of the item I got was this Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade of RED number 204.
I had mentioned to my swap partner that I'm in love with red shade as being a 'makcik2' I was....Red is definitely in...and one more thing about lip product is that I love matte ones. So she got me this one..I love Revlon since Emma Stone rocks it. I always adore her looks. She's like, so gorgeous yet so girl next door. Plus, I love the movie Spider-man where she and Andrew Garfield was totally awesome. Back to a more related topic, I saw this balm in Watsons which is my local drugstore and cost around RM30. I was going to buy one but I kept on postponing for an uncertain reason.
My day got lucky when I received this. So I have been testing it out and here's my simple honest verdict. At first sight and try…